Thursday, February 19, 2009


JUSTIN CARTER, one half of MISTER SATURDAY NIGHT sat down with FLAVORPILL recently to discuss the Saturday night party at SANTOS PARTY HOUSE!

"Flavorwire: Santos is a labor of love from a few cultural luminaries, including Spencer Sweeney and Andrew W.K. Do any of the owners have a role in Mister Saturday Night?

Justin Carter: All the owners play their roles, and we see some more than others. But Andrew was actually there on the very first night. He was MCing a rock show that was happening before Mister Saturday Night started. We were chatting, and the idea came up that Mister Saturday Night isn’t just a party, he’s a real fake being [laughs]. Andrew, Eamon, and I have been collaborating on the Mister Saturday Night character, devising what he sounds like and what he might say. He might make a few appearances over the PA during the evening, and Andrew definitely has something to do with that…"

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