Sunday, February 8, 2009



It was mayhem at SANTOS on Friday night and I'm about to explain why using only two words. Well, 2 words and initials. 2 1/2 words? Whatever . . . The first word is FREE. Yeah, I know, already amazing. And the second word is ANDREW W.K.! . . . Pick yourself up off the floor, you can't see the pictures or video from there! Ok, get it together. What follows is my firsthand account of all the awesomeness that was brought to Santos by ADULT SWIM. Oh and CHEESEBURGER played as well and I nearly drowned in beer during their set.

If they're not already nominated I'd like to submit Andrew and Cherie for coolest couple on the planet. Look at them!

Fact: You can't just invite one person onstage. Everyone else gets super jealous.

My lovely friend Noel [who brought me handwarmers while I was working the door!] shot this crazy video of "Party Hard" from the crowd ... check it out!

Click HERE to view all photos from the night! and Click HERE for more video!


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