Friday, February 20, 2009


Andrew W.K. will be hosting the amazing WTF!? party at Santos Party House, in Manhattan, New York City, on March 1st, 2009! This night will feature live musical performances, heavy set DJ moves, and pure city bouncing from Andrew himself... GET TICKETS NOW!

FANG ISLAND - Andrew recorded special backing vocals on an upcoming Fang Island release! This is a special chance to see them play a live concert with Andrew on guest microphones!

BAD BRILLIANCE - The one and only ballhead - a true man of the world - Bad Brilliance is coming strong. Beware of all Quackheads!

TERROR PIGEON DANCE REVOLT - Bunches of blasters and full blown casters, this is a chance to dance, revolt, and do the birdie strut 'n' slide!

ALEISTER - Straight from the UK, via the Isle of Lucy, Aleister is now a skyscraper man. The Git is coming back to Santos for another dark night at the club. Prepare yourself by staying in your room for 2 weeks in anticipation.

NUCK FUGGETS - This group has reversed more than letters, they have reversed several world events, including the creation of music and the creation of mankind. Evolution begins all over again, March 1st, at Santos.

CHERIE LILY - Are you ready to dance? This innovator has created a genre all her own: Welcome to Houserobics! Get ready to work your hips, flex your back, or just stand incredibly still. Everything goes at this show!

HEATHER FINK - How can you laugh? You can laugh Heather's way! And it's a great way to go - a real beauty way to go, and the word is that Heather has a special joke, just for you and your friends! So be sure to come hear it!

DJ THE GRATEFUL DEAD & DJ WIZARD DICK - Spinning and winning and beginning again and again, this duo will troop you too true and leave you far from blue. It's time to prance around and enjoy yourself nicely!

GET YOUR TICKETS EARLY, it's sure to get rowdy!


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