Thursday, July 23, 2009

Noisettes with Apache Beat + Free Downloads!

Noisettes with Apache Beat | 8.3.09 | 8pm

A three piece punk group in the post-rock era is charged to be more than the sum of its parts. This task is met by London’s NOISETTES, though it’s no small one. Singer/bassist Shingai Shoniwa has a voice that easily shifts from a technically honed Karen O. to Wendy O. Williams in no seconds flat, Dan Smith has the wrist and fretwork that will satisfy gutter punks and prog-rockers alike, while Jamie Morisson tackling the kits with a nuanced ferocity. And with a firm foundation in the realm of the garage, Noisettes have gotten into the habit of recruiting unpredictable instrumentation, a full string section for the vintage pop ballad, or synths for a dance floor thumper.

Their new single "Never Forget You" is out in the states. Pick it up at the link below along with a free download of "Scratch Your Name" off their previous release.

Joining Noisettes, is Brooklyn's own APACHE BEAT, the post-rock ensemble that is most likely to guide your peyote spirit journey. Their deft riffage, thunderous vocals and syncopated, tom-based percussion carry them outside the parameters of plain indie pop, granting them a musically dense but dance-inducing style that is all their own. In their three year span they have already shared the stage with Deerhunter, Chairlift, We Are Scientists, and School of Seven Bells amongst others.

+ NOISETTES - Scratch Your Name [mp3 via spinner]

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