Tuesday, July 7, 2009


YACHT is coming to Santa's! With the highly anticipated release of their forthcoming album SEE MYSTERY LIGHTS, we're gearing up to host the equally anticipated album release party here at SANTOS PARTY HOUSE on JULY 28th! [buy tickets]

The buzz term that keeps popping up for the Oregonian tag-team is “lap-pop,” but their music has more to do with actual sunlight than it does the glow of the monitor, and their words are more like transcendental treatises than party anthems. At the core of their tapestry of electro harmonies and layered percussion is the invigorating and refractory soul of old school riot grrl. Signed in 2008 to DFA Records, they are very much a part of that label’s bias towards testing the definition of electro. And as their music expands beyond genre, they have expanded the concept of what a musical collective can be. As expressed in the opening statements of their manifesto, “YACHT is a Band, Belief System, and Business.”

Below are a few downloads, courtesy of Team Yacht...

+ More FREE downloads at TEAM YACHT!

See you on the 28th! [buy tickets]


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