Wednesday, February 10, 2010

ALPHABEAT with One Night Only + Free Download

ALPHABEAT with One Night Only
March 23, 2010
[More Info + Tickets]

The Danish pop act and LADY GAGA tourmates, ALPHABEAT -- comprised of members Anders SG (vocals), Stine Bramsen (vocals), Anders B (guitar), Rasmus Nagel (keyboard), Anders Reinholdt (bass), and Troels Hansen (drums) -- entered the European pop scene in 2007 with a self-titled debut record. Featuring slick, upbeat singles like "10,000 Nights," "Boyfriend," and "Fascination," Alphabeat charted three hits on the Denmark charts while attracting a following throughout the European continent, particularly in the Netherlands and the U.K. The band had originally taken form in 2004, when the band members began embracing the regional festival scene while combining elements of the B-52's and WHAM! into a sugary hybrid .

+ ALPHABEAT - Hole In My Heart (The Sound of Arrows Remix) [via audioporncentral]

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