Tuesday, February 24, 2009



Mere months after the demise of her former project, the critically acclaimed Beat The Devil, SHILPA RAY AND HER HAPPY HOOKERS is already stirring a raucous with her new band and she's bringing it to SANTOS PARTY HOUSE....again! This time JOANNA ERDOS AND THE MIDNIGHT SHOW will be supporting and both bands will perform covers from the original Woodstock. The show will be filmed for a VH-1 documentary on the 40th anniversary of Woodstock. You DO NOT want to miss this show!

Shilpa Ray and Her Happy Hookers hits the ground running, taking Shilpa's voice and songs to new heights: grinding blues, sleazy jazz, and disturbing rock tied together with pop and punk sensibilities; the result sounding something like a vulgar Ella Fitzgerald crooning in front of a wall of distortion and thunderous, pounding rhythms. The band reads like a who's who of recent NYC rock luminaries including members of Creaky Boards, Soft Black, Kapow!, and cult rock producers The Negatones. Their live shows are already a notorious commodity.

Joanna Erdos is known for performing a kind of musical slight of hand by singing stories of epic heartbreak while fooling her listeners into believing that they are having a good time. The heroines in her songs are far crazier than Amy Winehouse and Syd Barett, but they always have more fun on their way down. It’s the combination of Joanna’s sweaty-sweet alto and her magnificent original music - made up of heart-felt piano-rock songs that sound like Honky Dory era Bowie dancing cheek to cheek with Nick Cave in the bowels of a pirate ship - that provide the melodic hooks and lush vocal harmonies which keep admiring crowds singing along.



Prepare yourself. March 13th at SANTOS will see Boston’s BANG CAMARO, a four-piece band with a gang of anywhere from six to twenty lead singers at live performances on stage. Think “Headbanger’s Ball meets Polyphonic Spree.” With TAB THE BAND and KITTENS ABLAZE.


Friday, February 20, 2009


Andrew W.K. will be hosting the amazing WTF!? party at Santos Party House, in Manhattan, New York City, on March 1st, 2009! This night will feature live musical performances, heavy set DJ moves, and pure city bouncing from Andrew himself... GET TICKETS NOW!

FANG ISLAND - Andrew recorded special backing vocals on an upcoming Fang Island release! This is a special chance to see them play a live concert with Andrew on guest microphones!

BAD BRILLIANCE - The one and only ballhead - a true man of the world - Bad Brilliance is coming strong. Beware of all Quackheads!

TERROR PIGEON DANCE REVOLT - Bunches of blasters and full blown casters, this is a chance to dance, revolt, and do the birdie strut 'n' slide!

ALEISTER - Straight from the UK, via the Isle of Lucy, Aleister is now a skyscraper man. The Git is coming back to Santos for another dark night at the club. Prepare yourself by staying in your room for 2 weeks in anticipation.

NUCK FUGGETS - This group has reversed more than letters, they have reversed several world events, including the creation of music and the creation of mankind. Evolution begins all over again, March 1st, at Santos.

CHERIE LILY - Are you ready to dance? This innovator has created a genre all her own: Welcome to Houserobics! Get ready to work your hips, flex your back, or just stand incredibly still. Everything goes at this show!

HEATHER FINK - How can you laugh? You can laugh Heather's way! And it's a great way to go - a real beauty way to go, and the word is that Heather has a special joke, just for you and your friends! So be sure to come hear it!

DJ THE GRATEFUL DEAD & DJ WIZARD DICK - Spinning and winning and beginning again and again, this duo will troop you too true and leave you far from blue. It's time to prance around and enjoy yourself nicely!

GET YOUR TICKETS EARLY, it's sure to get rowdy!


Thursday, February 19, 2009


JUSTIN CARTER, one half of MISTER SATURDAY NIGHT sat down with FLAVORPILL recently to discuss the Saturday night party at SANTOS PARTY HOUSE!

"Flavorwire: Santos is a labor of love from a few cultural luminaries, including Spencer Sweeney and Andrew W.K. Do any of the owners have a role in Mister Saturday Night?

Justin Carter: All the owners play their roles, and we see some more than others. But Andrew was actually there on the very first night. He was MCing a rock show that was happening before Mister Saturday Night started. We were chatting, and the idea came up that Mister Saturday Night isn’t just a party, he’s a real fake being [laughs]. Andrew, Eamon, and I have been collaborating on the Mister Saturday Night character, devising what he sounds like and what he might say. He might make a few appearances over the PA during the evening, and Andrew definitely has something to do with that…"

Tuesday, February 17, 2009


Don't miss the 2nd annual NYC edition of DRE DAY - a birthday celebration for the man himself. Also this week is BRIGHTWOOD with SET IT OFF, PAGING GRACE and WAY TOO SERIOUS. Then on Friday, if you're feeling extra ballsy and/or intoxicated come down for PUNK ROCK METAL KARAOKE with ANYTHING FOR LOAF where you'll be able to sing your favorite songs with a full band behind you. Stick around for OPEN with Q-TIP, VA$HTIE and RICH MEDINA. JOSH WOOD is back on Saturday with another round of BOOTLEG. Sunday is TEMPLE with DJ RUBEN TORO.



Video: 718 Sessions with Danny Krivit and Osunlade

For most, the clubbing experience means the self-conscious act of trolling the dance floor in hopes of joining a comfortable crowd. But Santos Party House has engineered a safe haven for those who dig deep and let it all hang out regardless. BounceFM has featured a video of February 15th's 718 Sessions party. Take a look for yourself:

Tuesday, February 10, 2009


We are so honored to have LIL PENNY partying with us!

"I met my boy at New York hot spot Santos Party House. If you’re not familiar, Friday night it gets stupid in there. Nightlife in this city doesn’t get poppin’ until about 1a.m., but Santos on a Friday is at capacity by 11:30. No joke. Q-Tip, who was on the 1’s and 2’s, had L.P. come up to the DJ booth and shouted [Lil Penny] out to a packed Santos crowd."

Click HERE to check out Christian and Lil Penny's blog about their wild night at Santos!


Monday, February 9, 2009


We've got everything to satisfy your needs! From Punk Rock Pillow Fight VII to a Valentine's Day to remember, this week at Santos is sure to brighten your evenings! There are even 2 FREE events happening! So bring your dancing shoes and don't miss out on the TROUBLE ANDREW ALBUM RELEASE PARTY, LOYALTY, BAMBU BAND OF YEAR FINALS, SOCIAL MEDIA WEEK, our infamous OPEN party and Valentine's Day with LIL' LOUIS & LITTLE LOUIE!


Click HERE for all upcoming shows at Santos!


Sunday, February 8, 2009



It was mayhem at SANTOS on Friday night and I'm about to explain why using only two words. Well, 2 words and initials. 2 1/2 words? Whatever . . . The first word is FREE. Yeah, I know, already amazing. And the second word is ANDREW W.K.! . . . Pick yourself up off the floor, you can't see the pictures or video from there! Ok, get it together. What follows is my firsthand account of all the awesomeness that was brought to Santos by ADULT SWIM. Oh and CHEESEBURGER played as well and I nearly drowned in beer during their set.

If they're not already nominated I'd like to submit Andrew and Cherie for coolest couple on the planet. Look at them!

Fact: You can't just invite one person onstage. Everyone else gets super jealous.

My lovely friend Noel [who brought me handwarmers while I was working the door!] shot this crazy video of "Party Hard" from the crowd ... check it out!

Click HERE to view all photos from the night! and Click HERE for more video!