Friday, November 27, 2009

TIMO MAAS kicks of Dance.Here.Too Saturday weekly. Win free spots!

Benny Soto and Rob Fernandez present TIMO MAAS
Kickin off Dance.Here.Too residency.
DOOR TIME CORRECTION November 28, 2009 11:00PM 21+

Saturday: Amateur night, right? Immortalized in John Travolta movies and Misfits songs, it’s when everybody suits up and goes out. And you know what that means: Bad crowds, please-‘em-all music, and no space to dance.

Well the guys who brought Thursdays back are ready to perform Saturdays the same service.Rob Fernandez & Benny Soto, the promoters behind award-winning shindig Dance.Here.Now., are proud to present Dance.Here.Too.

A new concept in weekend fun that adapts the music-first DHN vibe to a party after which you don’t have to wake up for work.

“We realized that Saturday had fallen off the menu for a lot of people, and that’s just a waste of a night off,” says Rob.

“We wanted to create an alternative to the big, impersonal club experience that is more of a comingtogether of people that love music in a big way. We're taking back Saturday nights.,” says Benny.Set at Santos Party House – one of the city’s best dance-friendly venues with a custom sound system that defies ear fatigue – DHT will bring the focus back to you, your friends and the music. No nonsense, no door drama, no fuss.

With a wide-open music policy, featured DJs will run the gamut from house (American and European), toelectro, to uncategorizable. Already booked: Nervous Records artist/house legend Oscar G; the European“DJ’s DJ,” Danny Howells; and superstar-of-the-moment Laidback Luke. (Full list of dates below.) So next time you’re actually considering putting on your PJs and watching “Saturday Night Live,” set the DVR, get up, and get out to Santos and Dance.Here.Too.

In light of the season, Santos is feeling particularly thankful for the patiers keeping nightlife alive. So we're giving a little something back. E-mail with "Squanto's Party House" in the subject line for a chance to win two FREE spots to Timo Maas at Dance.Here.Too. Two winners will be selected. Please enter by 3:00pm on Saturday November 28.

Future Dance.Here.Too dates (10pm doors for all, 21+):
12/5/09 - Nervous House Summit: Oscar G & Starkillers
12/12/09 - Danny Howells
12/19/09 - Behrouz
12/26/09 - Cosmic Twins: Derrick May and Francois K

Tickets are also available at:
319 Bleecker St
New York, NY 10014

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Free Energy live, QUESTLOVE at OPEN!

November 28, 2009 7:00 PM 18+

Pool your talent.
Free Energy puts on their pants like the rest of you, one leg at a time. Except when their pants are on, they make earth-quaking, anthemic indie jams that will make you take yours off. Their sound, which taps the production of LCD Soundsysem’s James Murphy, can be described as the arena rock grooves of Toto interpolating the lyrical and melodic sensibilities of Pavement. They’re no live slouches either; Pitchfork Media said of their performance, “this is seriously fun music, the type of thing Weezer have attempted for the last few years except not as creepy or cloying.” Free Energy’s display of rock purity will be instilling eternal youth and vigor at Santos Party House on November 28 – wear something loose.
Free Energy on Myspace

All in favor go crazy.
Having cast the net from Brooklyn to initiate members from Israel and Brazil, Glint has grown into an internationally acclaimed powerhouse of intricate electronica spliced with dirty alternative rock. Their cleverly layered harmonies (Jase Blankfort is a stage performer on Broadway and elsewhere), pummeling percussion and windy guitars are trippy and transcendental enough to, for example, make you think you were a bumblebee and try to fly through a keyhole.
Glint homepage

?UESTLOVE hits the decks. WIN FREE ENTRY!

Questlove will be this week's featured guest DJ for Q-Tip's Friday night OPEN party at 10pm here at Santos. This dude has rudiments for centuries but also knows how to work a sound system. Downstairs will be the return of DJ Gravy, Mirco Don and Max Glazer. If you haven't already been to the party, this is the residency wherein we make serious strides towards getting at the heart of New York City music.

And it wouldn't be wise to sleep on this one: we're picking 5 winners for free entrance plus a guest to this landmark night. That's a $30 value on some informercial ish. E-mail by 11am Friday to enter. Only those 21+ are eligible to win.

Saturday, November 21, 2009

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Friday, November 20, 2009

Nader Sadek's B'doun O'mr/Ageless tomorrow with members of Morbid Angel, Cryptopsy and Behold... The Arctopus


On November 21, 2009 at 9pm, Santos Party House will proudly present, “B'doun O'mr (Ageless)” the new performance work by Nader Sadek.

In “Ageless,” a hyperbolic amalgamation of long-haired death metal musicians and a fully-veiled Middle Eastern woman is created when near mythical characters of an “extreme” nature merge. Ostensibly dark and menacing, these figures will be blended into one image. The hair covering the faces of each character functions as a replacement for the veil/mask. In the middle of an installation of conceptually-loaded objects, the five characters will perform a sonic composition. These elements create an atmosphere of hostility, reflecting and rejecting the supposed political dichotomy of East versus West. Objects found in the earlier stages of the artist’s series are thus transformed: The mashrabeya (ornate wooden lattice) that was employed to delineate private and public space in a previous performance held at the SculptureCenter is now deconstructed and returned to its basic natural shape—a glossy black tree trunk.

Given the imagined ideology of these combined cultures—now manifested in an independent figure—the goal of this creation is to bring these worlds back to Nature, to a fundamentally primitive existence, which is admittedly unachievable. The art objects used in the performance will stand free of apparent meaning, in a gesture that seeks to suspend the purported need for clearly defining this new environment and challenges art world conventions. With ambiguity defining much of the performance and an inherent tension surfacing as a spatial push and pull between the unrestrained subject (the artist and band members) and the spectator (the viewer), notions of objectification and turmoil will lead to ultimate transcendence.

Born in Cairo, Nader Sadek is an emerging conceptual artist based in New York. His installations and performances aim to blur configurations of private and public, while exorcising the holy and profane and evoking ritualistic restraint and impulsive aggression. He has exhibited in the US and abroad and has toured with some of the most influential death metal musicians in the world, having contributed original installations and costumes to Mayhem and Sunn O))). His previous works have been reviewed by the Village Voice, The Guardian, The Herald Tribune and the New Yorker.

The musicians that will accompany Sadek in his performance will include Steve Tucker, formerly of Morbid Angel, Flo Mounier of Cryptopsy and Mike Lerner of Behold...the Arctopus. For more information visit and

Thursday, November 19, 2009

Grandmaster Flash at Open tomorrow - A-Trak and Stretch Armstrong announced!

The Friday night residency OPEN's curriculum has been absolutely mind-blowing and tomorrow night's (November 20) throwdown with Joseph "Grandmaster Flash" Saddler will be no exception. One of the original hip-hop posses in the vein of the Herculoids, his Furious Five was responsible for developing and popularizing the new genre. One of the first to master and revolution mixing, scratching and cutting, Flash is known as the original turntable technician.

Want free admission to the party? We're giving away 5 pairs of free spots to contestants who e-mail Winners announced tomorrow at noon.

If heart-pounding DJ sets by musical geniuses are your thing, we have A-Trak and Stretch Armstrong coming up. There has simply been no better time to party.

Every Friday at 10pm. Don't sleep.

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Toubab Krewe, Break Science and Mamarazzi bringing the vibes tomorrow

November 19, 2009 8:00 PM 18+

It was only four years ago that the Bonnaroo staple and culturally transcendent ensemble known as Toubab Krewe crystallized as a cult favorite of jam festival-goers and African music enthusiasts. While most of their classmates at Wilson College were having identity crises, the quintet was redefining the notion of identity altogether, earning a grant to travel to the Ivory Coast, Guinea and Mali to study traditional African instruments and techniques. They emerged having fully incorporated their African education with the folk and rock they grew up playing together.

The Krewe are two percussionists and three string players alternating between electric guitars, basses, the souk, kamel ngoni, and the kora. Their mostly instrumental, heavily improvised music recalls jam-bands like Phish, the Americana folk of Deer Tick and the Afropop tambours of Osibisa. Their 2005 debut LP, consisting primarily of re-arranged African standards, turned heads in the realm of “world music” and solidified their international, acclaim. Afropop Worldwide raved that the release “set a new standard for fusions of rock ‘n’ roll and West African music.”

Their most recent album Live At The Orange Peel is an on-location performance recording featuring all new material including the surf riffs of “51 Ft. Ladder” and the lush percussion of “Maliba.” The album is an incredibly layered and bountiful offering produced by the Grammy-winning Steven Heller (Chet Atkin, David Wilcox). At Santos Party House on November 19th, they will be resurrecting that magic on the best sound system for live music in the city. The coalescence of many musical strains will no doubt reach an unprecedented climax.

“A Toubab Krewe show typically begins in the past, with a brief percussive disquisition on West African rhythms; gradually picks up velocity as more surf, jazz, dub, and hip-hop ideas are stirred into the mix; and ultimately climaxes in a futuristic, psychedelic, neo-griot frenzy.” (THE VILLAGE VOICE)
Toubab Krewe homepage

Adam Deitch is the one-man production/live percussion machine who meshes organic improvisation with deft sampling and breakbeats. He has played alongside Earth, Wind and Fire, Chaka Khan and has produced for Talib Kweli, 50 Cent, Snoop Dogg and MF DOOM to name a few.
Break Science on Myspace

MAMARAZZI (opening)
Mamarazzi is the result of the natural magnetism between the ripest of musical facets. Taking the the left-field dub harmonies currently being explored by Tanlines and TV On The Radio, the African rhythmic sensibilities of Antibalas, as well cool jazz inspired arrangements, Mamarazzi has something every serious music lover. Their Myspace cleverly suggests "Mathrobeat" as a term for classification. Members have played with Qustlove, Wyclef, Roy Hargrove, and Farka Toure to name a few.
Mamarazzi on Myspace

Tickets available at:
OTHER MUSIC 15 East 4th St
New York, NY 10003

Monday, November 16, 2009

Valient Thorr and Red Fang melt away faces tomorrow night!

October 17, 2009 7:00 PM 18+

The unfortunate stereotype that plagues Venusian extra-terrestrials is that they lack any sense of groove. However, when Valient Thorr landed in 2001, all that changed and pretty quickly, as their space-age riffs became the standard in psychedelic metal. Alien in-jokes aside, Valient Thorr do serve up a helping of fringe worldview with good old fashioned political dissent, including barbs aimed at predatory capitalism and modern day warfare, not to mention the underlying culture of conformity and oppression. Their deft riffs and solos, pounding percussion and soulful vocal recall the early metal structure laid by the likes of Thin Lizzy through the lens of current-day brutality a la Arch Enemy or Mastodon.

While their most hardcore followers, or Thorriors, have created their own culture based on cult fandom, the balanced sound of Valient Thorr has inevitably crept into the mainstream. They are Warped Tour staples and have also shared the stage with the likes of Motörhead, Joan Jett, Andrew W.K., NOFX, AFI, and Eagles of Death Metal . The video games Guitar Hero II, Need For Speed: Carbon and Skate all boast Valient Thorr tunes on their soundtracks. Their 2008 album Immortalizer (Volcom Entertainment) was produced by Jack Endino (Nirvana, Mudhoney, Soundgarden, High On Fire) and, according to, features the band sounding “exactly like it should right now.” 7:00PM on November 17 at Santos Party House are the coordinates for when Valient Thorr will be transcending time and space.
Valien Thorr Homepage
Video for Valient Thorr’s “Tomorrow Police”

Marrying ornate psychedelia with doomsayer metal until they have crystallized into something beyond awesome, Red Fang is the breath of fresh air that so many scenes are desperately needing. Their wide canvas of heavy sound has landed them live spots alongside the likes of Kylesa, Early Mann and Wizard Smoke.
Red Fang on Myspace

Tickets available at:
15 East 4th St
New York, NY 10003

Sunday, November 15, 2009

Ad Rock (Beastie Boys), Kathleen Hanna (Le Tigre), Gibby Haynes and Spencer Sweeney DJ at Tony Clifton TOMORROW

Good news for those who like to party on Monday nights. The Tony Clifton (with the Katrina Kiss My Ass Orchestra) and Vaginal Davis (with PME) show has added some ultra-classy DJ's to the bill. Adam Horovitz (Beastie Boys, BS200), Kathleen Hanna (Le Tigre), Gibby Haynes (Butthole Surfers), and Spencer Sweeney will be chopping it up on the decks throughout the night, starting with Gibby when doors open. This is actually happening, and it's going down TOMORROW (November 16, 2009). Tickets are still available.

In conjuntion with PERFORMA 09, PARTICIPANT INC presents the live component of Stuart Sherman: Nothing Up My Sleeve, curated by Jonathan Berger:

November 16, 2009

Live performances by:

DJ sets by:
Adam Horovitz
Kathleen Hanna
Gibby Haynes
Spencer Sweeney

"Step from the table when I start to chop
I'm a lumberjack DJ Ad Rock"

Friday, November 13, 2009


Santos Party House is flattered and honored to be nominated for the second year in a row as "Best Club" in the Paper Magazine 2009 Nightlife Awards! Click the link below and check out Santos, OPEN nominated for best party, and our sister restaurant B. East for "Best Lounge."

Then vote from another computer!

Paper Mag has a nice website and a sweet blog as well.

Wednesday, November 11, 2009


The readers of The L Magazine have dubbed Santos Party House "Best All-Around Everything Spot." We are absolutely thrilled and would like to the those that voted, The L Magazine and their dope editors, the Santos staff, all DJ's and artists, and customers who have made Santos Party House the ultimate night out.

"The staying power to be voted best venue two years running, in a scene that turns over an address like 246 W. 14th St. so often, is to be praised. Everything about this place is staggering: from its proximity to many (underground) trains to its (underground) dance floor and in-club food to its creatively shaped and astoundingly designed (both light and sound) main floor that reminds us of the inside of an LL Cool J-style boom box—even the aesthetic of the Santos Party House bartenders is great. On a single night you can dance to a live set from Moby and see Chin Chin, Alicia Hall Moran, Clarissa Sinceno, Wynne Bennett and George Lewis Jr perform; all while Bill T Jones dances/moves through the crowd."

Also take a look at Discovery taking "Best New Party" with runner-up Tonight... We Ride!

"This free-with-RSVP, very-disco monthly party in the basement of Santos Party House with DJs VDRK and Free Magic is hosted by Famous Friends and run by Damon Jablons, Ruth Heronemus and other good friends. Discovery makes its disco-loving clientele feel like space travelers shaking their astronauts back in time: It's the party version of a present-day version of 2001: A Space Odyssey, with a throwback style and forward-looking thrust."

Rich Medina

The folks at Santos Party House want to thank Rich Medina for holding down his residency at OPEN with style and grace. We wish him the best in all his future endeavors.

(photo c/o Va$htie)

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

OPEN - Q-Tip's Friday now with DJ Gravy and legendary guests!

OPEN, the invincible Friday night presented by resident DJ and hip-hop polymath Q-Tip has been shaking asses and winning awards ("Best DJ Night" - PAPER MAG) since its inception a year and a half ago, and we decided party people were a half a year overdue for a "thank you." So we've stacked the weekly bill with invincible headlining DJ's, including the temporal genius Questlove, [edit]urban-electro prodigy A-Trak , underground staple Stretch Armstrong [/edit], and the key innovator of turntable protocol Grandmaster Flash. Leading the pack this Friday will be DJ Scratch, who has created keynote beats for the likes of EPMD, Busta Rhymes, LL Cool J and many more. Also, we've refined our reggae game in the basement with the help of DJ Gravy, making Friday night at Santos the ultimate destination for Carribean sound as well. Joining him are Max Glazer and Micro Don, who both hold down dance floors with unmatched finesse. In the words of Rakim, "This is how it should be done."

Monday, November 9, 2009


November 16, 2009 8:00 PM


In conjuntion with PERFORMA 09, PARTICIPANT INC presents the live component of Stuart Sherman: Nothing Up My Sleeve, curated by Jonathan Berger:


Few vocal performers have achieved the level of acclaim and longevity enjoyed by Tony Clifton. Discovered by the Hollywood elite in the late 1960’s, Clifton soon became a worldwide sensation and beloved television personality. From David Letterman, to Rodney Dangerfield, to Merv Griffin, to the Muppets, nearly every mover and shaker in the entertainment has sought out a Tony Clifton collaboration or performance. His velvety and sensuous voice, charming banter and warm stage presence has delighted high-profile audiences in lounges, concert halls, theaters and stadiums.

A great many obstacles came Tony Clifton’s way after his rise to fame, including public falling outs with Jerry Lawler, Dinah Shore, Andy Kaufman, and others who attempted to use his name to bolster their own careers. However, Clifton fought off all adversity and remains the king of lounge singers into the 21st Century. At Santos Party House he will be joined by the Katrina Kiss My Ass Orchestra, a full big band ensemble that does soulful justice to the best in standards. Get ready to be dazzled by Tony Clifton!
Tony Clifton homepage


Prolific columnist, publisher, blacktress, drag majesty, choreographer, activist, performance artist, punk rocker and dancehall ruler, Vaginal Davis is an influential figure in all corners of underground media. She has collaborated with the likes of John Cameron Mitchell, Rick Castro, Bruce LaBruce and the Cheap collective (Berlin). She is the editor of Fertile La Toyah Jackson Magazine and Shrimp, with publications in LA Weekly and Glue. Her punk rock collaboration with Glen Meadmore is PME (for Pedro, Muriel and Esther) and has released the cult classic album The White To Be Angry produced by Steve Albini.
Vaginal Davis homepage