Friday, February 26, 2010

DANCE.HERE.TOO with PURE BEHROUZ tomorrow night!

This week, the mad house scientists Benny Soto and Rob Fernandez bring in BEHROUZ, known as the herald of NYC underground progressive groove. With spaced out sounds, minimal techno, and tribal beats, his craftmanship shines in his production as well as in his expert DJ sets. He is often seen alongside the likes of Danny Tenaglia, Carl Cox, and John Digweed.

Behrouz's global recognition in the house music industry can be attributed to the exceptional passion and perseverance he demonstrated years ago in his native San Francisco, a house music mecca. The long, epic sets he is famous for have been dubbed Pure Behrouz and the producers of Dance. Here. Too. know that you were born to dance so get down with the Purest at his fullest.

Dance.Here.Too is the highly-praised, much loved new residency every Saturday night at Santos. A clash of the titans if you will; Benny and Rob are the most discerning ears in and hardest-working promoters in house, while Santos Party House presents the ultimate in sound and light in a low-key setting. If that doesn't sound incredible, get your ears checked.

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

The Popoff: Block party style with Das Racist, Bad Rabbits and more!

THE POPOFF: Bad Rabbits, Shinobi Ninja, Das Racist, Boy Crisis
Thursday, February 25, 7:00 PM 21+

The revolution never sounded so sexy. With R&B vocals and harmonies delivered via intelligent and witty lyrics over some 80's style pop production, their sound recalls frantic nights of revelry despite the man's greatest efforts.
Bad Rabbit on Myspace

Party Rocking Beasts from Brooklyn NY....if weren't a sweaty mess after dancing and moshing at one of their sets, may your carbonite slumber end before this one. With modern-day Beastie rhymes battling gut-punching riffs and sensuous vocals, Shinobi has something for the whole dysfunctional b-boy family.
Shinobi Ninja homepage

Since emerging out of the ether not more than two years ago, Das Racist have become the most sought-after force in experimental hip-hop. The trio eschews any posturing whatsoever in lieu of confronting the truth, however brutal or bizarre it may be, on top of off-kilter electro production. Their breakout single "Combination Pizza Hut and Taco Bell" has become rap music's most successful foray into absurdism, but the real meat of their lyrical repertoire are the densely constructed prophetic commentaries on globalization-era oppression, as well as hilarious multi-syllabic throught trains as unpredictable as the subways on which they were written.
Das Racist on Myspace

Recommended by the New York Times this week. Read their exchange with Sasha Frere-Jones.

The buttery sound of immaculately rendered pop music are what Boy Crisis always brings to the Santos sound system, and to the crowd they deliver a whirlwind of movement that blurs the line between audience and performer. Sexy disco guitars pair up with space-age keys and electro beats to provide the canvas for Victor Vazquez to strut his Das Racist-honed wit in a vocalese that would make Sisqo salivate.
Boy Crisis homepage

Sunday, February 21, 2010

Photo Recap: Cloak + Dagger - Ninjasonik and Japanther

Photo recap of last week's CLOAK + DAGGER party presented by DIM MAK with NINJASONIK, JAPANTHER and many more!... photos courtesy of Gaelen Harlacher.


Thursday, February 18, 2010


Dance.Here.Too with DJ Andy Moor
Saturday, February 20 10:00PM 21+

What is it with Benny Soto and Rob Fernandez? They way they are constantly booking fire you'd it was Farenheit 451. Too far I know, but that's how we roll here at Santos. This week they're brining us a trance wizard listed ranked by DJ Mag ahead of John Digweed and Daft Punk to name a few.

Anyone who think that trance is an insular, joyless sect of house would have trouble explaining the phenomenon of Andy Moor. Not only have his remix capabilities been sought out by everyone from Paul Oakenfoald to Britney Spears, but his solo efforts have become a sonic beacon for a loyal dance afficionadoes from all continents. Having stepped into the game as a wonderkind in his late teens, he has since racked up a number of accolades including a Grammy nomination, "Best Track" and "Best Producer" trophies from the Trance Awards, "Best Dance Record" from the Dance Music Awards as well as a regular placement on best of lists in MixMag and DJ Magazine. While he has clearly perfected the psychedelic, mind-expanding art of trance, the beats have never taken a backseat and his music is intensely kinetic and dancefloor-ready. As the headliner of Dance.Here.Too (his first time back in the Big Apple for quite some time), he will be hitting off the crowd of house music lifers with a window into the mind of a musical genius.

Rob Fernandez & Benny Soto, the promoters behind award-winning shindig Dance.Here.Now., are proud to present Dance.Here.Too. A new concept in weekend fun that adapts the music-first DHN vibe to a party after which you don’t have to wake up for work.
Set at Santos Party House – one of the city’s best dance-friendly venues with a custom sound system that defies ear fatigue – DHT will bring the focus back to you, your friends and the music. No nonsense, no door drama, no fuss.
Troule & Bass featuring DZ and Kanji Kinetic
Saturday, February 20 10:00PM 21+

The DJ team/production mob/record label known as Trouble & Bass are earning worldwide recognition for their diverse yet cohesive coalition of low-end professionals. They have a high-BPM, movement centric approach to the heavy and grimey spectra of dubstep and drum n' bass that fills rooms with people who battle the thick sounds with wild movement. Their membership spans the globe and includes AC Slater, Mikix The Cat, Star Eyes, Drop The Lime and Supra 1.

Headlining the bill is DZ, whose foundation in hip-hop and trip-hop took on a sound of its own once dubstep became the prominent element of his sound. He remains a devious remixer of an unpredictable repertoire of artists including the Wu-Tang Clan, Major Lazor and Bobby Caldwell.

Kanji Kinetic, who normally reps the Trouble & Bass banner in the UK, will get trans-Atlantic with his bizarre, wobbly, and glitchy tambours. His dense arrangements feature the temporal manipulation of bass into a bizarre yet oddly catchy and physical melody.

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

“The Arthur Russell Tribute” NYC Album Launch Party + Free Downloads

Electric Minds & Santos Party House present:
“The Arthur Russell Tribute” NYC Album Launch Party

Thursday 4th March 2010 - 8pm
[Tickets and More Info]

Live: Original Loose Joints / Dinosaur L musicians: Steven Hall, Peter Gordon, Joyce Bowden, Ernie Brooks and Larry Saltzman plus Zach Layton, Max Gordon and Vienna Village Peoples Boys Choir

DJs: Danny Krivit, Brennan Green, Pocketknife, Dolan Bergin and Yam Who?

After a successful London Launch party, with the award winning Lovebox festival, that saw Maurice Fulton, Faze Action, Yam Who, Killer Whale and a host of other DJs and musicians bring to life Arthur Russell’s works; Electric Minds are delighted to be teaming up with Santos Party House to host the New York Album Launch. While the London launch party featured the European based musicians that feature on the album the New York party hosts the original Loose Joints & Dinosuar L musicians, Steven Hall, Peter Gordon, Joyce Bowden, Ernie Brooks and Larry Saltzman. In addition Peter Gordon’s son, Max, makes up the father and son team as well as Zach Layton and the Vienna Village People’s Boys Choir contributing towards an impressive live show. DJ support from Danny Krivit, Brennan Green, Pocketknife, Yam Who? and Electric Minds label owner Dolan Bergin.

+ Get Around To It - Pocketknife feat. Joe Worricker
+ Get Around To It (Ray Burst Remix) - Pocketknife


Thursday, February 11, 2010

Saturday (2/13): Dance.Here.Too with JOEL MULL and SLEEPY&BOO

Projecting his soulful slant on the techno blueprint and in the process providing a more melodic, emotive ying to the colder, percussive yang of traditional techno, Joel Mull occupies a special place within the scene. His long winding sets embody a forward-thinking musical output that the producers of Dance. Here. Now. know will make you want to Dance. Here.

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

DIM MAK'S CLOAK AND DAGGER 2/11 9pm: Ninjasonik, Fashen, Japanther, DJ Gina Turner, SECRET EUROPEAN GUESTS

Dim Mak presents CLOAK AND DAGGER: NinjaSonik, Fashen, Japanther, Team Facelift, The Auctioneers, Dj's Jonny Famous and Gina Turner and many more, secret European guests
Hosted by Roxy Cottontail
Thursday, February 11 9PM 21+

LA’s leading label in trend-setting and mind-blowing music is most definitely Steve Aoki’s Dim Mak. Their Cloak and Dagger monthly at Santos Party House is a crowning jewel of their New York operations, wherein the best in electro solidify their dominance over the dancefloor. For February 11th they have stacked their live performance deck, which includes raptronica pranksters NINJASONIK, the dusty synth-punk of JAPANTHER, the unruly spacetronaut rhymes of TEAM FACELIFT and the arena-sized new wave of THE AUCTIONEERS. Flexing on the mix is house ambassador FASHEN, DJ JOHNNY FAMOUS and DJ GINA TURNER. Living nightlife legend ROXY COTTONTAIL will be hosting, sealing the deal for some downtown cred.

And while we’re finding it very difficult to keep out mouths shut about it, we are allowed to say that some very SECRET EUROPEAN GUESTS will be putting in work as well.

RSVP for access code:

ALPHABEAT with One Night Only + Free Download

ALPHABEAT with One Night Only
March 23, 2010
[More Info + Tickets]

The Danish pop act and LADY GAGA tourmates, ALPHABEAT -- comprised of members Anders SG (vocals), Stine Bramsen (vocals), Anders B (guitar), Rasmus Nagel (keyboard), Anders Reinholdt (bass), and Troels Hansen (drums) -- entered the European pop scene in 2007 with a self-titled debut record. Featuring slick, upbeat singles like "10,000 Nights," "Boyfriend," and "Fascination," Alphabeat charted three hits on the Denmark charts while attracting a following throughout the European continent, particularly in the Netherlands and the U.K. The band had originally taken form in 2004, when the band members began embracing the regional festival scene while combining elements of the B-52's and WHAM! into a sugary hybrid .

+ ALPHABEAT - Hole In My Heart (The Sound of Arrows Remix) [via audioporncentral]

+++ Pre-order THE BEAT IS... at iTunes +++


Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Tomorrow night (Wednesday): SoldOutMusic launch with The Bloodsugars and more!

SoldOutMusic Launch Party: The Bloodsugars, BM Linx, Ludlow Lions and The Ropes
Wednesday, February 10 7pm 18+
TICKETS AVAILABLE HERE is a music blog that delivers the goods in many flavors. They're breaking new talent like a bull in a china shop, and they report on industry trends through an experienced critical standpoint. Tomorrow they'll be consumating (yum) their launch and showcasing a line-up of hand-picked dopeness.

The Bloodsugars' unique brand of exhilarating, polished synth-pop is a thoughtful combination of lyricism and kinetic beats that reflect the group's charming optimism in the face of adversity. Imagine a house designed by Paul Simon, built by Prince, decorated by The Flaming Lips and you’ll have some idea of where The Bloodsugars live.
The Bloodsugars homepage

An answer for those who need a little more testosterone in their electro comes in the form of BM Linx, who have taken elements from disco and trance and fused them with the dirtiest elements of shoegaze, southern rock and blues. Grooves and riffs provide the catchy backdrop for confrontational lyrics, and somehow, between the twang of guitar solos and eerie synth padding, it all makes sense.
BM Linx on Myspace

It’s difficult to get a retro, “classic” rock sound if the band doesn't identify with any specific era, yet somehow Ludlow Lions accomplish this with flying colors. Melding the psychedelia of the early 70’s, the off-kilter harmonies of 90’s alternative and the recent explosion of garage punk, Ludlow Lions depict the atmospheric topography of the Lower East Side with incredible vividness.
Ludlow Lions on Myspace

Picking up where The Smiths left off is a duo making a orchestra’s worth of sound. The Ropes are new wave punk with a perverted interest in off-kilter samples and lo-fi aesthetics.
The Ropes on Myspace

Saturday, February 6, 2010

TONIGHT: M.A.N.D.Y.'s Philipp Jung at Dance.Here.Too

Dance Here too featuring M.A.N.D.Y.
Saturday, January 6 11:00PM 21+


One half of internationally renowned M.A.N.D.Y., Philipp Jung simply has a knack for making bodies move. He and his partner Patrick Bodmer's highly successful and influential label is ever so aptly titled Get Physical, and I think you know what that means. Their shared musical proclivities invite you to be present with a symbiosis of complexity and elegance. An interpretation of classical elements through modern mediums is just the kind of paradox our fiery hearts long for--a vacillation between bright and dark, clean and dirty, soft and hard, tense and released. Furthermore, Philipp's on-stage antics demonstrate an enthusiasm for the craft that is infectious by nature and will surely find you wherever wander. If you aren't yet privy to this caliber of experience, the time is now.

Rob Fernandez & Benny Soto, the promoters behind award-winning shindig Dance.Here.Now., are proud to present Dance.Here.Too. A new concept in weekend fun that adapts the music-first DHN vibe to a party after which you don’t have to wake up for work.

Set at Santos Party House – one of the city’s best dance-friendly venues with a custom sound system that defies ear fatigue – DHT will bring the focus back to you, your friends and the music. No nonsense, no door drama, no fuss.

Future DANCE.HERE.TOO dates:
2/13 with Joel Mull, Sleepy & Boo
2/20 with Andy Moor
2/27 with Behrouz

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Freedom Guaranteed: Valentine's Day with 718 Sessions

Benny Soto presents Danny Krivit's 718 Sessions: Extended Valentine's Day Edition
Sunday, February 14 6:00PM 21+
$5 to the first 100 people before 7pm, afterwards $12 with membership or flyer

Now that posturing for Facebook pictures is the new two-step, the gossip industry has exploded and the notion of disco has been colonized by wedding DJ’s, many have grown disenchanted with the urban club scene, craving the atmosphere of genuine liberation that seems to exist mainly in nightlife folklore. But those fortunate enough to experience 718 Sessions know what it is to break from trendy superficiality in favor of the authentic underground dance culture. Resident DJ Danny Krivit is one of the engineers of disco, heavily involved in the dissemination of its music and attitude, which in turn paved the way for today’s numerous iterations of dance music. To this day, he presides over the residency wherein freedom and the universal acrobatic impulse eclipse trolling or flexing, and the real club culture is imparted to those wishing to break out of their homogenized scenester hang-outs.

Danny Krivit started out spinning as a teenager at his father’s well-loved spot in Greenwich Village, a hotbed for jazz, funk and soul. As a tastemaker known for breaking new tracks to passionate audiences, he was instrumental in preserving a “soulful” vibe as dance music evolved. His popularity earned him access to tape reels, which he used to create “disco edits,” tailoring tracks to dancefloor usage, a technique that has since become commonplace. With the advent of electronica and techno, Danny evolved his repertoire, but adhered to his underlying soulful aesthetic, in effect making him a living apex of deep disco and house, sharing nights with DJ’s like Francois K, Nicky Siano, Larry Levin, Grandmaster Flash, Dimitri From Paris and Osunlade. His copious volumes of independently released compilations and mix records have made him your favorite DJ’s favorite DJ. To this day he holds down the Body & Soul and 718 Sessions residencies, for which many have traveled across oceans to take in the vibe and participate in the tradition of radically eclectic nightlife.

No one wants to be alone on Valentine’s Day, nor do they want to be judged. That’s why 718 Sessions exists, the communal urge to dance is everything, self-consciousness is nothing. On this particular Hallmark holiday, Danny Krivit will put down an extended set, a testament to the endurance of true passion.

Come by yourself (718 Sessions is a perfect scene for the adventurous lone clubber) or with your Valentine. We can be romantic like that.