Wednesday, August 25, 2010


There are a lot of CD's, DVD's and the like thrust into our hands by the end of the night from throngs of hungry artists that come through our doors to unwind and meet with fellow lovers of music. No doubt we appreciate all of these, despite varying their varying levels of quality. Let’s just say that your truly Zangief has become quite the connoisseur of autobiographical success documentaries by underground rappers. But every once in a while something appears on my desk that really makes my day. Sean Buchanan’s video for Andrew W.K.’s remix of “The Clapping Song” is a real gem that came in the form of a DVD with a fresh looking full color booklet and jewel case complete with an insert.

From the booklet:
“The purpose of this project is to research the production and editing process of a music video. I focused on the aspect of moving image and how it can support the artist’s musical style or musical talent. I created a video that reinforces the concepts and visual culture of the artist.

The artist in this instance is Andrew W.K. remixing the Gary Glitter version of ‘The Clapping Song.’ The original song by Shirley Ellis in 1965 has been remade countless times by other artists…. The beginning of the Andrew W.K. remix multiplies the percussive elements and cuts of the verses to create bouncy dance feeling. The remix eventually becomes increasingly chopped-up and abstracted to the point of absurdity. Andrew W.K. uses this remix as a bookend to his most recent collaboration titled DAMN! The Mixtape…..

My Video consists of four people dancing and playing instruments in a white room. The four models I used in the video wore strange masks so that the viewer can easily objectify them as characters that exist only for the video…. The video ends by juxtaposing a pull-out shot of their masks hung up on the wall with the pull-out shot of the pile of characters. This provides a conclusive end to the narrative and opens the video to interpretation of whether the characters actually exist or if they are some type of existential party god.”

Assitant Director: SKYE OLESON-CORMACK
Production Assistant: JOHN OLESON-CORMACK
Rentals: FAVA


Tuesday, August 24, 2010

DJ AM LIVES: Celerate The Life and Music of Adam Goldstein! Premier, Mark Ronson, Clark Kent and more!

DJ AM Lives: Celebrate the Life and Music of Adam Goldstein
Thursday, August 26, 2010
11:00 PM 21+

and DJ RIZ


Before his untimely departure in 2009, Adam “DJ AM” Goldstein gave to the world of music in every single way imaginable for a DJ, and then some. As a producer and remixer, he would put down keynote tracks for Jay-Z, Madonna, Beastie Boys, Weezer Three 6 Mafia, Dilated Peoples and many more. The diversity of his creative repertoire doesn’t end there, as his turntablism and scratching abilities were crucial to the sounds of rock bands Papa Roach and Crazy Town, as well as Babyface, Lady Sovreign and Will Smith. He recorded two albums with Samantha Ronson and two mixtapes with Travis Barker. He was also co-owner of the beloved LAX nightclub, and Deckstar Management companies. After a life-long struggle against narcotics, Goldstein was taken from us by a run-in with drugs. Today, the DJ AM Memorial Fund carries on his legacy, raising funds and cultivating media partnerships to bolster the efforts of several organizations and projects combating addiction. On August 26, a coalition of the nation’s leading DJ’s will be gathering at Santos Party House to play a benefit for this noble foundation.

The line-up will feature corps d'elite DJ's in the genres that that DJ AM touched. Superproducers DJ Premier and Clark Kent represent hip-hop along with tastemakers Stretch Armstrong and DJ Riz. Nightlife royalty Mark Ronson will be in the house, reminding us what we loved about the eclecticism that DJ AM represents. Eli Escobar, Jus Ske, Jesse Marco and Rockaton are all leaders in streetwise electro and urban sounds, putting it down for the real heads.

Friday, August 13, 2010

DISCOVERY: CFCF and Bit Funk! Free before midnight with RSVP

DISCOVERY with CFCF and Bit Funk, residents VDRK and Free Magic
Saturday, August 14, 2010

11:00PM 21+


Named “Best New Party” by the L Magazine, Discovery is a “fun first” party dedicated to electronica-based neo-disco. Bright, bassy and fancy-free, the party combines the funky aesthetic of the 70’s with techno and synth-pop. Resident DJ’s VDRK and Free Magic are mix virtuosos who hold down one of the best crowds in nightlife history.

Special guest CFCF of Canada has built an introspective style of dance music that might as well be called post-electro, featuring elements of punk, trance and noise music to lend to remixes and original productions. Bit Funk specializes in melodic electro heavily influenced by house music, which also just happens to be native to Chicago. FREE with RSVP before Midnight at

Thursday, August 12, 2010

COLLIE BUDDZ VIDEO at Largeup! Horse Meat Disco this Saturday!

Friday night reOPENed resident DJ Gravy has an article on Largeup, a subsidiary of OkayPlayer, on Collie Buddz' recent live performance at a Santos Party House edition of the Rice & Peas party featuring a video with some ill live footage. The article also contains some high-res photos of Buddz inna di club and di Chinatown rocking gear by Man Vs. Machine, H&M, Nike and Carrera.


Speaking of ill videos, here's what we're in store for when the Horse Meat Disco takes over Dance.Here.Too upstairs this Saturday at 11pm.

And check this HMD mix from Soundcloud.

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

DD172 presents: BRIDGING THE GAP debuts with Camp Lo, Stalley and SKIBEATZ' FULL BAND

presented by DD172
Every Monday, starting 8/16 with CAMP LO and STALLEY
10:00PM 21+


When Damon Dash opened his fine art gallery at 172 Duane St. on February 19 2010, he unleashed an immediately consequential force onto the New York scene. The date marked not only the opening of the space but the birth of DD172, an integrated collective of the leading independent media companies in the city. The group’s rise to prominence has been meteoric, with branches dedicated to meet every need of today’s artists and consumers. There’s the digital broadcasting wing Creative Control, print shop and graphic design center the Color Bar, the BluRoc and BlakRoc record labels, the American Nu zine and the Karin & Raoul publication dedicated to fashion and the arts. Their roster of clients and collaborators includes Curren$y, SkiBeatz, Peter Hadar, Rachel Roy, KRSP, Cool Kids, Trademark, Smoke DZA, Big Chop, and more. Their diversity is underscored by a uniform level of quality and creativity in accordance to DD172’s mission, which “sets out to prove that combining the talents of a creative collective and an independent DIY [do-it-yourself] environment can break conformity and bring about a new enlightenment to the world of media.”

While events in the fine arts atmosphere of the Dash Gallery are high-profile and high-brow, there comes a time for an all-out celebration where big name talent graces the stage and spilling beer on a revolutionary work of art is not a concern. Enter BRIDGING THE GAP, DD172’s weekly party at a durable venue with an emphasis on production values, the nearby Santos Party House. The party will reach deep into the city’s pool of talent, featuring top notch guest headliners every time, starting with CAMP LO and STALLEY on August 16, 2010. The resident band is SKIBEATZ & THE SENSEIS, a full live ensemble built around the MPC skills of Ski, the legendary producer of Jay-Z’s “Dead Presidents II” and numerous golden age gems.

BRIDGING THE GAP is a multi-entendre title, referring to the unification of multiple eras, genres, styles, demographics and mediums. It will be a platform for the best the city has to offer as well as a venue for talent that is a step ahead of trends. Santos and DD172 are proud to answer the prayers of anyone looking for something truly interesting and incredibly fun on a Monday night.

Thursday, August 5, 2010

DMC World DJ Championships US FINALS: hosed by Kool DJ Red Alert sets by DJ Shiftee, Jazzy Jay, DJ Mysterio, DJ Slyce, Rockin' Rob

The 2010 DMC USA Finals
Saturday, August 7

It's that time again. The earth's preeminent DJ tournament has returned to Santos Party House. The Disco Mix Club began in 1981 as a radio show in the UK and has since grown into an international coalition of turntable enthusiasts and virtuosos. Their yearly DMC World Championship tournament has been at the forefront of turntablism, showcasing the best living DJ's and cutting edge techniques. On Saturday (8/7/10) they'll return to Santos Party House, our beefed up sound system providing the perfect sonic vantage for the fierce competition. You'll be happy to know that DJ Shiftee, representing New York City, took the 2009 championship home for us!


Showcases by:
Reigning DMC World Champ: DJ SHIFTEE (presented by Native Instruments)
2008 DMC World Vice-Champion: DJ SLYCE (1997 & 2008 DMC US Champ)
The Hitchock of Hip Hop: DJ MYSTERIO - 3x DMC US Champ
The legendary DJ ROCKIN' ROB (Opening set from 4-5pm: partyrocking on rare Funk 45s)
The legendary DJ JAZZY JAY

DJs Battling Include:

DJ Notch: Denver CO
Steel: Lakewood NJ
DJ Etronik: Pico Rivera CA
Cysko Rokwell: Denver CO
Concept: Cape Coral FL
DJ Jeff C: Fort Collins CO
DJ Image: Inglewood CA
DJ Skip Ripkin: Denver CO
DJ Swift: New Haven CT / Rembert SC
Grandmaster Supreme: Center of the Universe
Juyadek: Huntington Beach CA
B*Money: Denver CO

Host: Kool DJ Red Alert

Judges include: DJ Precision, Billy Jam, Mista B, DJ Slyce and more tba.

This is the classic DMC showcase style battle. The champion advances to the 2010 DMC World DJ Championships in London this Fall: Oct. 17 & 18For rules and regulations please click here. Facebook Event Page


Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Dance.Here.Too: Mario Calegari and Horse Meat Disco

Benny Soto and Robpromotions have brought us two huge bangers for th next coming weeks as a party of their Saturday residency Dance.Here.Too. If you haven't come out of your crisis shelter since the oil leak, DHT is the city's premier weekly for all varieties of house and techno. The below parties are 21+.


August 7, 11pm (TICKETS HERE)
Mario Calegari was a house addict on the New York and New Jersey scene before realizing his innate talent for production and DJ'ing. Not long after indulging his creative impulses did he find himself working alongside staple house legends such as Danny Tenaglia, DJ vibe and Victor Calderone. One of the originators of "Dark Samba," Calegari draws his sound from modern electronica as well as his musical heritage.


August 14, 11p (TICKETS HERE)
Horse Meat Disco is a DJ collective operating out of Eagle London, who specialize in fringe disco for the lifers. Heavily endorsed by James Murphy (LCD Soundsystem), they dig deep into the specialty forms of dance music, heavily featuring dub, italo and electro-funk. They declare themselves ““the queer party for everyone: homos and heteros, club kids, bears, fashionistas, naturists, guerilla drag queens and ladies who munch.” Severino and Filthy Luka will be the headliners, and DHT has also brought in international disco sensation Daniel Wang and veteran production/crate-digging prodigy DJ Spun (Rong).


Tuesday, August 3, 2010 1 Year Anniversary! Saviours, Antidote (1983), CHUG CHAMPIONSHIP and more!

CHRONICYOUTH.COM One Year Anniversary
Sunday, August 22, 2010

Ramming Speed
Antidote (1983 NYHC)
Rorschach (DJ Set)
Cult Of Youth
Snake Sustaine
Primitive Weapons
Clean Teeth
CY’s 2nd Annual Chug Championship

For the past two years, the world of heavy New York City music has experienced somewhat of a revival thanks to a group of hungry upstarts known as Chronic Youth. The collective’s members Fred Miketa, David Castillo, Brian Ponto, Gavin O’Connor and Cameron Octigan, shared a love for all things brutal, and went to work creating an events production company that proliferated the best in abrasive underground music. In 2009 they were responsible for booking and DJ’ing some of New York’s most memorable moments in live music, presenting groups like Rorschach and 108 at Santos Party House, Cannabis Corpse and Black Cobra at the Charleston, all the while forming partnerships with Converse and Mishka. They orchestrated events for South by Southwest, Northside, and CMJ festivals.

In 2009, the boys launched, their publication arm and a “celebration of brutal culture,” which instantly became a cult favorite for lovers of sub-terranean sounds. To herald the new site, they teamed up with Heatworm Press and put together a show with experimental noise idols NON (Boyd Rice), Prurient, gothic new wave outfit Cold Cave with spoken word performances by Genesis P-Orridge (Throbbing Gristle) and other geniuses of dark literature. Thus, Chronic Youth is defined not just by their teeming roster of metal and hardcore bands, but by a general affinity for the heaviest in music of all genres, be it psychedelic, industrial, punk or crossover thrash. Diverse? Sure. Commercial? Anything but. has been a dominant cultural hub for a year now, supplying their loyal followers with music, mixtapes, news, features, photos, merch, giveaways and interviews. Perhaps some of this success can be attributed to their frank writing style (“On the plus side, the vocalist yells ‘bitch.’ On the negative side, it might be about losing a girlfriend or some shit. Which is lame.”), but for those in the know, what separates ChronicYouth from all the other cats putting on shows and writing is one thing: taste. In separating the wheat from the chaff, no one is more brutal. On August 22nd 2010, they’re putting their taste-making chops on the line with an all-out massacre, 13 bands, with Rorschach and the CY boys themselves on the decks, not to mention the 2nd annual chug contest to knock out those left standing from the pit. Anyone with even a moderate interest in the future of heavy music should not miss this opportunity to support a revolution in progress.