Wednesday, December 30, 2009

The CRO-MAGS played last night. Everything went fine and no one was hurt.

BrooklynVegan took some pretty riveting flicks of our show last night with H8 Inc, Razorblade Handgrenade, Last Call Brawl and the immortal Cro-mags, brought to us by N.Y. Drew. The concert asserted the health of NYHC, starting with an intense pit that had built to Bermuda Triangle whirlpool proportions once the Cro-Mags hit the stage. A memorable night for all who survived.

Darryl Nau (Not Andrew W.K.... or is he?) shows us a perfect 45 degree angle.

Vegans Saving Dolphin.

The set featured covers of Bad Brains' "Attitude" and "Banned In DC," as well as Cro-Mags classics like "Street Justice" and "Malfunction." Ensemble for the night featured original Mags John Joseph and Mackie Jayson, as well as bassist Craig Setari from Sick Of It All and lightning fast A.J. Novello from Leeway. The band was especially tight considering the rare appearance.

Monday, December 28, 2009

NEW YEAR'S EVE! - Lee Burridge, Mike Khoury, Bennett and Davidjames

MADE EVENT Presents New Year's Masquerade* with Lee Burridge!
featuring Mike Khoury, with Bennett and Davidjames
9:00 PM 21+
For table service packages hit up

Don't know about you, but I think it's about some time for secular fun. The Gregorian Calendar is most helpful for marking that one day when the entire globe decides that they will share 24 hours of reverie. Santos Party House put their weight on it, bringing in the infamous Made Event posse who engineer some of the city's most incredible nights, including the brilliant Respect residency in the summer of 2008. They've put together a wicked line-up to ring in the New Year in the spirit of unadulterated mirth.


Many producer's are also disc jockeys and vice versa, but few have managed to excel at both roles with the same finesse as Lee Burridge. Beginning as a mobile disco operator in Great Britain, the early 90's saw his move to Hong Kong where his talent became a galvanizing force for the newborn disco scene. With a foundation in acid house that permeates throughout his eyebrow-raising brand of minimal techno, his original mixes and compositions are keystones for dance music aficionados, as is his Almost Anonymous imprint. A former member of the Tyrant Sound System with DJ Sasha and Craig Richards, Burridge has performed to unruly audiences in every corner of the world and on stage at Burning Man, the San Francisco Love Parade and Save The Cannibals. He has been on DJ Magazine's prestigious top 100 list consecutively since 1999. He told ClubPlanet what distinguished him from other Dj's....
Why do so many DJs look like they aren't having a good time? It's like they're made out of cardboard. This music is amazing. This job isn't a job. We can stay up late and even if you're a butt-ugly DJ, girls seem to pay attention to you. I guess that going out and dancing to music has always been a lot of fun for me and I find it very difficult to stand still when there's a track playing that I like, and I like all the tracks I play!

and in the basement BENNETT & DAVIDJAMES

Don't miss our special New Year's countdown!

*Mask and beard encouraged but optional


Fiona Walsh of Clubbers Guide Ireland recently sat down with Lee to chat about his New Year's Eve event at Santos...

Lee Burridge has been touring and traveling the world as a DJ for 26 years and shows no signs of slowing down. CGI caught up with him before his big NYE Club gig at Santos Party House in NYC.

Lee Burridge

Fiona: You’re in New York for the MADE EVENT New Year’s Eve gig at Santos Party House – are you excited about that gig? Have you played in New York on NYE before?

Lee: I'm really excited. New York always gets that same flutter of excitement going every time I visit. I think this is actually the first time I've done New Year's Eve. It's going to be good to spend it with friends and I hear Santos Party house is wicked.

Fiona: If you weren’t working on NYE – what would you be doing?

Lee: Breaking in to peoples houses or dancing.

...Read the entire article HERE.

Saturday, December 26, 2009


December 26, 2009 (that's tonight, y'all!!)
11:00 PM 21+

A true innovator never stops inventing. The hallmark of a creative spirit is that it continues to buck the status quo long after a name is made. Derrick May and François Kevorkian, together the COSMIC TWINS, establish monikers almost as quickly as they do musical tropes.

May (aka Mayday and Rhythim is Rythim) began his mythical career in Detroit during the late 80's alongside his high school friends, house/deep disco pioneers Juan Atkins and Kevin Saunderson. They called their brand of heavily synthesized, dancefloor-ready jams "techno" perhaps the only name that has truly stuck. His signature sub-genre is Hi-Tek Soul, the blending of modern American soul, blues and funk with the tambours of classic European electronica.

While May was transforming the the world of house, French ex-pat Francois K had already built up a rep for his home spun tape edits and high profile remixes. His take on Kraftwerk's "Tour De France" led to his official status as mixer on the group's 1986 album Electric Café, a role he would reprise for the likes of Depeche Mode and Erasure. His production and official remix credits include artists like Musique, U2, Goldfrappe, King Crimson, The Cure, Diana Ross, The Smiths and The Eurythmics. His incorporation of dub atmospherics into deep electronic disco is heard in the sets of DJ's the world over.

The Cosmic Twins recount their reunification (separated at astral birth) to TimeOut Magazine thus:
“When I first met François—I forget when it was, but it was a while back—it was at some little bar in London where he was deejaying just for fun,” May recalls. “But he was still really doing it, like François always does, experimenting and really getting into it. Of course, I knew about his history with Kraftwerk and everything else he’s done, and I went to him to introduce myself. I said, ‘François Kevorkian?’ And he said, [In a gruff voice] ‘Derrick May.…’ I was like, Wow, it’s so cool he knows who I am!” (When told this story, François simply says “Oh, c’mon—how would I not know who he was?”) It’s evident that the two make up a mutual-admiration society. “I’ve always been in awe of Derrick’s overall skills,” François says, “not just deejaying, but music making as well. He’s a very forward-thinking individual, and that shows in everything he does.”

We're totally pumped that Benny Soto & Robpromotions brought us this rare and incredible opportunity. Santos Party House believes wholeheartedly that this is exactly how you bring back Saturday night. Original house heads will be turning out the stunts while intrepid young electro pilgrims find true love. This is why you build a club.

And if doesn't have you drooling uncontrollably yet, Dance.Here.Too is back next week (January 2) with special guest STEVE LAWLER! Get your tickets here ($10 early birds - limited supply!!!).

Thursday, December 24, 2009

Gingerbread us got second place!

On Wednesday, December 23rd an international gingerbread house competition was held at the Securities and Exchange Commission (S.E.C.) headquarters/ Allison and Katie's house. Entries were judged by Drew and qualified based on two criteria: 1)Materials must be candies and snacks suitable for a nightlife industry breakfast 2)Final product must be smaller than an actual house.

In the spirit of holiday revelry, Martie threw down and repped for the spirit of nightlife, entitling her construction "Santa's Party House!" The delectable design took home the silver! Way to make it happen! This one goes on our trophy case, where we will proudly display it until the ants carry it off!

Here's a hint: we're the one filled with booze!

Friday, December 18, 2009

OPEN tomorrow night with A-Trak, Behrouz on Saturday

OPEN with The Abstract, A-Trak, Dj Gravy, Micro Don and Max Glazer
Hosted by Va$htie
Friday December 18, 2009
10:00 PM 21+

Like the Tom Cruise in the Mission Impossible train scene, the OPEN party just refuses to fall off. Kamaal The Abstract hits the decks like a linebacker tackling a china display, rendering the scene an unrecognizable mass of ecstatic vibes. With foundation of hip-hop, soul and reggae that journeys into house, disco, jazz, and pop, the party is an accurate sonic depiction of the New York City culture.

This week we have A-Trak, his feet firmly planted both in electro and hip-hop, standing as one of the final guardians of turntablism for his generation. With a discography that boasts production for Lupe Fiasco and Kid Sister as well as too-famous-to-be-remix tracks for MSTRKRFT and Boys Noize, he has served as a human melting pot for multiple urban styles. Trivia junkies might want to note that he holds the record for youngest DMC World Champion (age 15), and that he is the younger brother of David Macklovitch (Chromeo) with whom he runs the Audio Research label.

Whoa, check out how well this line dvides the entry!

with guest DJ BEHROUZ
Saturday December 19, 2010
11:00PM 21+

Benny Soto and Robpromotions, the city's top producers of no-frills house and electronic dance parties, are in the thick of their weekly residency at Santos Dance.Here.Too. The talent they've drawn is nearly as important the vibe they create. Their top-shelf selection piques out on the Santos Party House soundsystem resulting in an absolutely thrilling experience. This week they've brought in BEHROUZ, known as the lead herald of NYC underground progressive groove. With spaced out sounds, minimal techno, and tribal beats, his craftmanship shines in his production as well as in his expert DJ sets. Often seen alongside the likes of Danny Tenaglia, Carl Cox, and John Digweed, his appearance at Dance.Here.Too promises to be a carefree blast for serious music heads.

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

ZOMBI, ARP and HOURS OF WORSHIP brings mad science on Friday

Zombi, Arp, and Hours of Worship LIVE
Friday, December 18 2009 7:00 PM 18+

Known to the rock and roll community as Relapse Records’ prog-tronica wildcard, Zombi are the culmination of dense, intricately constructed synths and strings over intense polyrhythms. For just a duo, consisting of Steve Moore on keys and bass and Anthony E. Paterra on drums, they produce an immense sound that summons the furthest extremes of their roots metal, no-wave and electronic scenes. They have hit the stage alongside a diverse array of intelligent music purveyors including Don Caballero, Isis, The Psychic Paramount and Trans Am. Their third album Spirit Animal has been noted as their piece de resistance, of which The Needle Drop remarked, “Nothing is worse than great ideas presented badly, and this album clears that hurdle with ease.”
Zombi on Myspace

Alexis Georgopoulos (American, b. 1974) is a composer and artist based in New York City. As ARP, he makes hypnogogic, minimal music, most often with analog synthesizers and, increasingly, classical stringed instruments. Since 2002, he has performed internationally and has been presented in such spaces as PS1, Deitch Projects, MOMA (SF), 303 Gallery, Luggage Store Gallery, Jack Hanley Gallery, New Langton Arts, Yerba Buena Center and Frieze Art Fair. He has released work on DFA, Smalltown Supersound, Troubleman Unlimited, Rong, Eskimo, Lo, Root Strata, White Columns & Deitch Projects labels. He has remixed Lawrence Wiener, Lindstrom and Shocking Pinks and has been remixed by Hot Chip, Munk, Optimo and Soft Pink Truth. He is also a member of the groups Q&A (DFA), The ALPS (Type/Mexican Summer) and founded the group Tussle, which he departed in 2007. ARP has also been the in-house sound artist for the REPLICA exhibit at the New Museum.
Arp on Myspace

Trance/dance/soundscape prodigies Hours of Worship trade in clever arrangements of windy keys, samples, and phantom beats. Equal parts earth and space, they translate from headphone to dancefloor seamlessly, with droney synth pads underlying dexterous melodies.
Hours of Worship on Myspace

Tickets also available at:
15 East 4th St
New York, NY 10003

BLK JKS "Mololatladi" video premiers!

Not long ago our friends BLK JKS, the afro-prog-psych-noise-dub troup that is blazing trails in the US after years of ruling Johannesburg, shot a little sumpin-sumpin in our downstairs level. That footage has been lovingly spliced with some keen shots of Coney Island and scenes from the harrowing documentary Sanza-Hanza, resulting is a dope video for a brilliant track.

BLK JKS - MOLALATADI from Jamie-James Medina on Vimeo.

Other Videos shot at Sanchos:
P. Diddy - "Angels"
The Phenomenal Handclap Band - "You'll Disappear"

Friday, December 11, 2009


MARK RONSON joins Q-TIP at tonight's OPEN Party. Arguable the illest party in NYC. OPEN was voted the BEST PARTY IN NYC at Wednesday's Paper Awards! Tip's latest album The Renaissance is nominated for Best Rap Album at the 2010 Grammys.

See you on the dancefloor,



1000 Knives + Chronic Youth + Santos Party House present
January 16, 2010
[More Info + Tickets]

"In the late '90s every hardcore band started their set the same way. The band prepped up gear and stretched for the exercise ahead of them while the singer jumped around like a motivational speaker with its head cut off, squawking about the scene and their major crush for each band that played before them. But not Disembodied, they were the odd band out in the era of zines and distros. Their sets began with a swelling, a growling of the bass, and when the whole band came in there was nothing positive screamed - DISEMBODIED were the dark side of hardcore"

+ The reunited Disembodied is coming to NYC (playing Santos) [Brooklyn Vegan]


Thursday, December 10, 2009


You did it New York City! The amazing night owls of our lovely Island have voted Santos Party House the BEST CLUB for the 2nd year in a row at PAPER'S 2009 NIGHTLIFE AWARDS! Our OPEN party also won BEST PARTY IN NYC! Thank you New York! Santa loves you!

"THANK YOU NEW YORK CITY! And LOVERS OF Santos Party House!!! WE DID IT! YES!!!!" - Andrew W.K.

More photos to come as last night's party makers start their day today. EDIT: Below photos added.

Field trip Pictures to the awards courtesy of Miss Glenn Aya Lovrich!

Much Love!

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Happy Holidays from Santos

Santos would like to thank all our fellow party people for such a mind-blowing year. There were more highlights then we can even name (and probably a few we don’t remember so well). We feel so fortunate to be privy to the music, art, dance, laughter, love and togetherness that has taken place at Santos over the last year, it really has been a magical.

Santos is growing, and like any organism we’re developing and changing as we get older (wait until you see our new lights!). However, our mission has not changed. We’re still chasing the platonic ideal of the perfect party. We’re still promoting the ecstatic feeling of oneness that rhythm creates, gathering people of diverse backgrounds under one roof. We’re still presenting music and art that challenges, inspires and unites. And, of course, we’re still serving delicious ice-cold beers.

As the excitement of the New Year approaches we can’t help but look back over the last year with a bittersweet nostalgia. So many amazing people, amazing smiles, amazing dancers, amazing musicians, and most importantly amazing moments. Moments that made our hair stand on it end, moments that you knew everyone in the room was feeling the same magic we were. What a year.

2009 was not without its sadness and hardship we lost a lot of great people, people who will live in our memories forever. Whether due to drugs, accidents, or old age, death is always painful, but it also reminds us to live everyday to the fullest.

On a less metaphysical level, the tough economic realities of 2009 forced us make a number of difficult decisions, none harder that letting go of nights and talent that we support and love to the fullest. Santos operates as a family, and when we are forced to let go of someone for economic reasons, it feels like selling a limb (it sucks). This was especially the case letting go of Rich Medina. Rich tore the roof off of Santos on many occasions over the last year and a half. We all love and respect what he is, as an artist and a man. Times being what they are financially, we were forced to trim back our roster on Fridays and re-appropriate resources to other areas. This was solely the decision of the club; its owners and managers. For the record, Q-tip was not involved at all in the decision to let rich go, despite rumors to the contrary. We were also forced to switch up our Saturday residency with Eamon Harkin and Justin Carter (which brought us, in many way our dream line up- I mean Moodyman and Egyptian Lover on the same night, what???) and Thursday with DJ Spinna, maybe the best DJ in NYC. Both Journey and Mister Saturday Night were in-house staff favorites, unfortunately they just weren't economically feasible.

For 2010, we've got a lot of surprises in store for NYC. Santos Party House, has only begun its journey. Stay Tuned. Happy Holidays and best of luck to everyone in the new year.



A rare party for raw queers going into her 3rd year!

December 26, 2009 @ 11pm | [rsvp]

Hosted by THE GAYSHA + celesbian guest hosts with DJ LESBIAN VAN HALEN + guest DJs packing the south pole dance floor.

2-4-1 drinks 11p-12a

Door whore Madame Rouge
Photography by MARO
Bar bitch Sir Sabrina
Girl + Boi Gogos of shake it hard!

Straights welcome with queer chaperones...keep it CHOICE!

[Click Here for more]

Santa's own FIONA SILVER


Monday, December 7, 2009

SOUL KITCHEN tonight with special guests FREE WINGS and COLT 45

The get-down that's been tearing it up in New York City for decades brings the funk to one of the best sound and light systems in the city. Known for slanging Colt 45, free chicken wings and offering no special treatment to the models and celebs who frequent, Frankie Jackson's Soul Kitchen invites aspiring hoods, hipsters, and old-school party people alike to take over the room and harmoniously tip their bottles while grooving to a soulful soundtrack provided by Frankie Inglesse.

Friday, December 4, 2009

BLACK SHEEP, SHINOBI NINJA (new video) and more tomorrow night!

Black Sheep, Shinobi Ninja, Rad Out Crew, Nacirema
7:00 PM 18+
RSVP for reduced price at

This Classic Alternative Hip Hop group best known for 1991's "The Choice Is Yours" is bursting at the seams with new music. Fresh off tour in Europe and the West Coast, Dres will be performing songs from his new EP "From The Black Pool of Genius: The Prelude" dropping Dec 1st. Party rocking brilliance live and in person.....TAKE NOTES and check the new music:

Party Rocking Beasts from Brooklyn NY....if you're not a sweaty mess after dancing and moshing at one of their sets, you probably weren't at the show! Shinobi will Officially release of their new music video BROOKLYN TO BABYLON with a screening before their set.

Underground party rockers Anton Glamb + Fam are no strangers to packed secret parties in warehouses in BK and exclusive joints in manhattan. He and the Lurkers will be in the house for your audible enjoyment and your custom "Real Life" experience. LURKERS STAND UP!!!!!

Nacirema is an alchemy of played parts and found elements, combined old and new sounds in rhythm instruments, synths and samples; a mixture of hip hop, rock and old school R&B. Combining skate/snowboard culture and hip hop, their live show is full of energy and party rocking tendencies. CHECK IT!

--Anton Glamb

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

URB Magazine poll - VOTE FOR SANTA!

We are amazed and honored to be nominated for "Club/Venue of the Year" in the URB Magazine 2009 Readers Poll! Also up are other incredible nightlife forces and friends of Santos including Kid Cudi, Brooklynvegan,Lady Gaga, Miike Snow, Raekwon, Hype Machine, Stereogum, Turntable Lab and many more! Much respect to URB for showing us love and for allowing us to do the same for others. We support dope s#!+.

Also, don't forget the ballot for Paper's 2009 Nightlife Awards People's Choice Awards ENDS TOMORROW! So get the family involved! Let's make it happen!