Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Uproot Andy's new Jam, Das Racist video, Choice Cunts photos, praise from The Atlantic

To think there are people in this metropolis that aren't going out regularly is depressing, and a bit insulting to the ethic of New York City. But the sad reality is that, despite the strenous efforts of musicians, artists, DJ's, club managers, transit workers, buggy drivers, mood enhancers and drunk people, many are missing out on the most important cultural moments of their time. Here at Santos we pride ourselves in making those moments happen with the help of the city's most creative individuals. Here are some recent examples of the shit that's been going down.

Uproot Andy, who rocks our weekly Wednesday night Tropical Bass residency Qué Bajo?! alongside Geko Jones, has just released a new track for you listening pleasure. Tomorrow night (9/29), Qué Bajo?! will feature a live performance by El Guincho. Check out Andy's track below:

Fraudian Slip ft. Kastro (Uproot Andy Remix) by Uproot Andy

On September 16, we hosted the mixtape release party for
Das Racist, the po-postmodern rap group with psychedelic beats, hilarious yet socially aware lyrics and an enigmatic hype man. TimeOut Magazine had their cameras up in here to give you an idea of the madness that went down:

See photos from the party at Stereogum and Metromix.

Choice Cunts, our rare(monthly)party for raw (awesome)queers brought to us by promoter mastermind Ellie Conant (read her AfterEllen interview here) went neon this past Saturday. Grace Chu took some amazing flicks, here's a pap smear of the full gallery:


True, not enough New Yorkers are partying. And as The Atlantic's Ricardo Guiterrez points out, the malaise is spreading to those of us who do go out. Of course, now it's a matter of knowing where to go, and where the actual fun people are. That's why we're not mad at the magazine for letting the people know what time it is:

The closest I came to experiencing an exception was at Santos Party House about a month ago. It was a disco night, a mostly gay crowd and everyone was dancing and having a good time. If only that could be the norm here and not the exception because I've been to too many parties where people just stand around and talk, where the music is too hip and precious to risk looking uncool to.

Friday, September 24, 2010

Efterklang, Buke & Gass and more live!

Efterklang, Buke & Gass, Xylos, and Arpline live!
Friday, October 1
TICKETS AVAILABLE HERE Enter code "ModernDrift" and save $2! EXPIRES 9/24 6pm


Copenhagen natives Efterklang create alternative pop with an epic, spacious scope. Harmonically ambitious, the songs contain nods towards minimalism and choral music, all while remaining catchy and infectious. They are one of Denmark’s most prominent musical acts, and their critically acclaimed sophomore LP Parades (released on the bands own Rumraket imprint) was performed live with The Danish National Chamber Orchestra. In 2010 they released Magic Chairs (4AD) to critical praise; the Guardian says, “It's emotional music, full of subtle ­tension and lurking drama.”

The huge sound of this Brooklyn duo is thanks to the two homemade stringed instruments (the Buke and the Gass) that are their namesake. The sound reflects their very analogue inventiveness, driving and unpredictable with a bluesy, classic psychedelic tendency and soaring harmonized vocals. The Village Voice declares that their debut album Riposte "manages to recreate the cyclone of activity involved in watching these two mad scientists do their decidedly one-of-a-kind thing."

Xylos is a pop ensemble that plays full, bright arrangements that move from twee to shoegaze to electronica, a style that sways from jarring to jocular. Their debut EP Bedrooms was produced by Britt Myers, who has run the boards for Chairlift and Yeasayer.

As quickly as they lull you with nebular synth textures and evocative lyrics, they shatter the comfort zone with off-kilter rhythms. ArpLine earns their psychedelia stripes bravely pushing the limits of intellectual pop. They have played alongside Bear In Heaven, Electric Tickle Machine, Oh No Ono, and Dinowalrus. Glide Magazine called their 2010 album Travel Book "your electronica-pop soundtrack to the summer."

Tickets available at:

15 East 4th St
New York, NY 10003

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Our Show's Elliot Aronow is TimeOut's most stylish New Yorker!

Oh, to be on the receiving end of those lips...

Just about anyone in nightlife will tell you that your venue is only as suave, sleek and sultry as the people in it. So it only goes to a show that our good friend Elliot Aronow has been pubicly lauded by TimeOut New York as one of "the most stylish New Yorkers" with a full online profile featuring a gallery of pics. Aronow is the creative director and cofounder of the essential RCRD LBL blog that specializes in breaking new free music by hand selected artists. As of January he has also been hosting the Our Show online series, filmed on location at Santos Party House, which has featured the the most innovative minds in emerging talent including Tim Harrington (Les Savy Fav), Ted Leo, Kyp Malone, Das Racist, Dave 1 (Chromeo), and Christian Joy.

Bling bling.

Check some clips from Our Show here:

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Thee Oh Sees, Fergus & Geronimo and more!

Thee Oh Sees live with Sex Beet, Happy Birthday and Fergus & Geronimo
Tuesday, September 21
7:00 PM 18+
TICKETS HERE (Other Music: 15 East 4th St, New York, NY 10013)


John Dwyer had established himself as aleader in Providence's underground rock scene by the time he moved to San Francisco in the late 90's to front and play guitar for several more bands. His resume includes cult Frisco outfits like Pink and Brown, Coachwhips, and The Hospitals, stretching back to include Rhode Island favorites Landed. Thee Oh Sees was created as his solo project, yet another outlet for his relentless productivity, but ended up becoming his most well known and prolific project. Over the project's 13 year existence it has expanded into a full quartet with a furious, noise-punk sensibility reigned in by tight songwriting. Their 2010 LP Warm Slime, latest in a discography boasting about 24 releases, was produced by Chris Woodhouse (Erase Eratta, FM Knives).

Backed by Vice, Neu Magazine, and the blogosphere, London’s Sex Beet are a natural remedy for indie rock’s withering libido. Their songs are raw garage punk jams heavy on surf riffs and jagged synths. The Weareinvolvedblog called them “the perfect soundtrack for a modern beer fueled beach party.” With tracks like ”Nice Hair/Nice Titties,” Sex Beet make charged rock for the vegetably active.

Happy Birthday are an emerging talent thanks to delicately arranged vintage garage-pop tunes mixed with post-punk riffs and songwriting. Originally formed as a one-off performance, they were signed to Sub Pop a few months after independently releasing their first LP.

The duo of Andrew Savage and Jason Kelly are members of Teenage Cool Kids, and formed Fergus & Geronimo as an off-shoot. Their music encapsulates the competing sounds of the 50’s, namely soul music and garage rock. Initial leaks made waves in the Texas indie scene, and they released three singles in 2009 all to critical praise. They have plaid alongside Wild Beasts, Tyvek, Wavves and Harlem. Stereogum, Fader, and BrooklynVegan have all fallen in love with their Motown influenced sound.

Monday, September 13, 2010

Das Racist SIT DOWN, MAN release party! With Maluca, Chairlift (DJing) and more!

Sit Down, Man Release Party!
Das Racist, Maluca, Keepaway and Tecla with Chairlift (DJ), hosted by Dallas Penn
8:00 PM 21+

We've been jocking Das Racist since way back. Since dormitory ciphers, before Das Racist and Santos were even real things. We've been glad to have them all up in us time after time, and we fully support their mission: hella love for rap music, complete irreverence towards everything else. They've gotten together with some old friends (Diplo, the Mad Decent crew, Mishka, Hima Suri's own Greedhead Ent) to put together a new mixtape, Sit Down, Man, the follow-up to Shut Up, Dude which prompted Pitchfork to declare them "the truth." We will be celebrating the new tape's release on Thursday with a bulletproof lineup of acts and tunes. It's going to be neo-Wild Style up in here.


Currently the most sought-after force in experimental hip-hop, Das Racist is a trio that eschews any posturing whatsoever in lieu of confronting the truth, however brutal or hilarious it may be, on top of bizarre electro production. Their breakout single "Combination Pizza Hut and Taco Bell" has become rap music's most successful foray into absurdism. But the real meat of their lyrical repertoire are the densely constructed and prophetic commentaries on imperialism in the Gawker era, as well as hilarious multi-syllabic thought trains as unpredictable as the subways for which they are written.

With commercial interests attempting to slip into every crack of culture, Maluca remains as one of the rogues whose identity define her art. She spits saucy vocals and raps over futuristically textured production. Quickly after getting signed to Mad Decent, her single “El Tigeraso” set the indie world ablaze, landing her on the cover of Fader magazine and on stage with with Amanda Blank, Midnight Juggernauts, and Araabmuzik. She is a consider a pioneer of “speed meringue,” mixing traditional latin rhythms with the kinetic nature of indie dance.

Keepaway build their songs the way the best hip-hop beats are made, by arranging undeniable grooves and samples into a heady post-pop composition. Their easy-going and approachable attitude buffers their intellectually dense music. The result is something groundbreaking yet reflective of the outsider pop that defines New York.

Classically trained pianist Tecla Esposito is as well known for her work with others (like Gordon Voidwell) as she is for her brilliantly produced, snarky and witty electropop. She selects her band members cleverly, often perusing players that are emerging talents in their own right (including Will “Gordon Voidwell” Johnson and Guillermo E. Brown), resulting in seamless, passionate sets.

with DJ sets by Chairlift and the DR boys themselves!

Sunday, September 12, 2010

Eminem & Jay-Z tour afterparty with Alchemist, Just Blaze and more!

Home & Home Tour Afterparty!
with DJ's Alchemist, Just Blaze, Skibeatz and Iron Lyon!
Monday, September 13
11:00 PM 21+


Though the game has a tendency of chewing up and spitting out its most notable talents, two virtuosos of rap music have maintained their jaw-dropping rhyme skills and top positions on the charts. Jay-Z and Eminem are celebrating their immortal legacies at their hometown arenas, Comerica Park in Detroit and Yankee Stadium in New York City repectively. Of course, at the end of Jay-Z's set is when the night truly begins; from that point on the party moves on down to Santos with an all star cast of DJ's and producers that have worked extensively for these superstars. Alchemist laid tracks for Eminem's The Re-Up compilation and has been his tour DJ for the recent gigs. Just Blaze produced 3 tracks on Eminem's chart-topping Recovery, and has produced a slew of hits for Jay-Z including "The R.O.C.," "Girls Girls Girls," "Public Service Announcement" and "Show Me What You Got." Skibeatz is a golden era legend who is making waves in the scene with his new project Skibeatz & The Senseis. He is well known for producing "Dead Presidents (pt 2)" on Jay-Z's classic Reasonable Doubt. DJ Iron Lyon is a master turntable technician with an ear for chilled out breakbeat production and East Coast style MC. His new full-length album Time Capsule featuring guest appearances by C-Rayz Walz, Vordul Mega, and Craig G.

Brought to us by Alchemist, DD172's Bridging The Gap (every Monday at Santos!), The Burnitdown Group and The Life NYC.

Friday, September 10, 2010

Spoek Mathambo, Josh Madden and Melo-X tomorrow night!

DANCE PARTY NYC: Spoek Mathambo, Josh Madden and Melo-X
Saturday, September 11
11:00 PM 21+
RSVP for $5 cover price here: vashtiespoek@santospartyhouse.com


Va$htie Kola, fashion designer, video director and nightlife icon, is curating a new series of Saturday events designed to bridge the gap between pop, hip-hop and the underground dance music that shape the contours of downtown music. On the wheels this Saturday are remix prodigy and stylist Josh Madden with Melo-X the DJ, producer, MC, photographer with an aggressively creative mindset and a taste for eclectic funk.

Performing live will be Spoek Mathambo, Johannesburg's self-proclaimed "post-Apartheid glam-rap prince" whose music features elements of afro-beat, elecro-pop, and the underground dance sounds. Check his cover story in Fader Magazine.

SPOEK MATHAMBO - WAR ON WORDS from spoek mathambo on Vimeo.

Thursday, September 9, 2010

KRISTEENYOUNG, Cherie Lily and more on Saturday!

KRISTEENYOUNG, Cherie Lily, Aleister X, Me Talk Pretty
Saturday, September 11
7:00 PM 18+


"KRISTEENYOUNG is the poppy, piano-driven ruckus of Kristeen Young and friends. The kind of smart and edgy songwriting found within her newest Tony Visconti (T-Rex, Bowie )- produced disc, Music For Strippers, Hookers, and the Odd-On Looker, is the kind of "commercial" pop we need more of. Her four-octave voice swirls ethereally, all Kate Bush-like, but then counters those stabbing percussive piano and drum attacks with PJ Harvey heft." (VILLAGE VOICE)


Performer, musician, songwriter, dance music producer, fitness superstar, celebrity trainer, and Andrew W.K.’s vocalist, dancer, and wife – Cherie Lily is a real life super hero! Cherie has been featured in ELLE magazine, the New York Post, New York magazine, CITY magazine, OUT magazine, and Rollingstone.com as one of NYC’s upcoming stars with her self-created music genre HOUSEROBICS which fuses original house-electro beats with fitness lifestyle! Cherie Lily's live show will have you dancing, so get ready to get sweaty! Cherie Lily's debut solo EP, featuring her new single "WERK", will be released on October 12th in the USA.


One of the artists on Andrew W.K.'s record label, Aleister X is truly unique. The shaded white-faced, Aleister X knows how to bring the party and celebrate the joy of performance art. Weird to some, awesome to many this Brixton to Kingston via Brooklyn master mind has power dance anthems with hypnotic guitar riffs and vocal melodies that will inspire your inner animal to explode on the dance floor. Aleister X is not a show to be missed! Unravel the mystery yourself!


Formed in 2006 in New York City, Me Talk Pretty won 2009's MTV VMA for Best Breakout Artist in NYC. The band’s music practically bursts with passion. Vocalist, Uliana Preotu, has a breathless urgency to her vocal style and her counterpart, songwriter/guitarist, Leon Lyazidi, brings a darkness and texture to the music that makes it so much more than radio-ready-rock. The rhythm section of James Kluz drums and Nate Meng bass provide the most solid of foundations for the band’s super dynamic sound.

Know primarily as an inventor and leader in the field of party metal, Andrew W.K. has established himself as the harbinger of joy, unpredictability and reckless behavior in nearly all realms of entertainment. A multi-instrumentalist, producer, DJ, television show host, chef and author, W.K. presents a vision of hope and zest for life in everything he does. He has produced for Grammy-nominated reggae album with reggae pioneer Lee "Scratch" Perry, noise rock geniuses Wolf Eyes and Cabaret legend Baby Dee to name a few. He has played alongside Bonnie "Prince" Billy, Hanson, MC Chris, Fang Island, and Boredoms.

New Thursday Weekly! Nita Aviance and special guests each week!

DJ Nita Aviance and special guest each week
Every Thursday
11:00 PM 21+


Growing up a trained percussionist, vocalist and dancer, DJ Nita’s education as a remixer/producer was concurrent with his rise as a DJ. An official member of the House of Aviance, he is a core component to the underground gay party scene, his loyalty first belongs to all lovers of music. He has been profiled by the New York Press and Paper Magazine, the former postulating that he may be “the best DJ in New York.” As one half of the Bookwrmz DJ team (alongside Magnan) and jockey for the legendary Tubway residency, he is well connected to his fellow DJ’s, and he has worked with Adam Goldberg, The Kiki Twins, DJ Telfar and many more in the fierce electro-house lane. To Santos Party House he has brought Spank, Ghe20 Gothik, Palms Out Sounds, Brenmar and more. Now he installed himself in the club’s downstairs level to bring weekly ferocity featuring special guests each time, free of cover charge. Expect electro, disco, bass music, house, hip-hop , hot crowds, good times and champagne specials.

9/9/10 - PAINT Colby B (Comeback, Seatle)Ryan McKnight (The Happening, Happy Valley, NYC)
9/16/10 - GUUURLDenny Le Nihm (Germs, Ruff Club, NYC)Whitney Fierce (NYC)LIVE PA from AB SOTO (LA)
9/23/10 - DOTRon Like Hell & Ryan Smith (Soffita 70, Rocket, NYC)


$25 bottles of champagne!

Monday, September 6, 2010

Pics: Spragga Benz & Salaam Remi

Large Up (OkayPlayer) has just posted pictures from last Tuesday's Shotta Culture release party with Spragga Benz and Salaam Remi. Perfect timing for the West Indian Day Parade! Max Glazer and Kenny Meez of the Federation Sound crew were in the house as well.


Big up West Indian massive! Shouts to DJ Gravy for the article and Tono Radvany for the fllicks.

Friday, September 3, 2010

Damn It Feel Good to See People Up On It

CHOICE CUNTS, our monthly rager for New York's most devious queer women, recently took the 2010 Go Magazine award for "Most Eclectic Crowd," and since then they have been shouted out by Chloe Sevigny and profiled in AfterEllen. Check their slideshow from last months Glitter Ball.
Amazing early reviews are rolling in for Darren Aronofsky's The Black Swan. Some of it was shot on location at your favorite discotheque with some very special extras. I haven't seen it yet, but from what they told us it's going to be something like Step Up 3D meets You Got Served. In the scene shot here, classically trained ballerina (Natalie Portman) lets off some steam at a New York nightclub, hijinx ensues and a good booty-shaking time is had by all!

On the real, some mind-fuckingly nutty shit probably goes down, but patrons should keep in mind that most of what happens is probably just pretend.
Our boys in Das Racist are teaming up with Diplo and Mad Decent to release a new mixtape. The announcement comes alongside a new video for "Who's That? Brooown!"

Strap on your Powergloves and get into the game with Heems, Kool AD and Dap here.

More exciting news from Santos and DR soon....

NEW WEDNESDAY WEEKLY! NIGHT SCHOOL - Roxy Cottontail, Anton Glamb, Bonnie Danger

Every Tuesday (starts September 8)
11:00PM 19+
Resident DJ’s: Roxy Cottontail, Anton Glamb, Bonnie Danger
Hosts: James Coppola, Dave Delzio, Danielle Cottontail
$5 with RSVP to nightschooplarty@gail.com/ $10


When people lament the passing of the “good old days” in New York City nightlife, the most common and valid concern is that the scene has become counterproductively exclusive. Today’s most creative DJ’s and tastemakers have been cornered into tiny lounges, hotel lobbies and gated venues with puny sound speakers no room for a dance floor. Santos, James Coppola (Full Time Friend) and Roxy Cottontail have devised the solution to this deficiency, bringing a big sound to an appropriately sizable venue. The aptly named NIGHT SCHOOL will instruct the masses on exactly what a party should be.

Headlining DJ Roxy Cottontail has long been the goddess of dance floor bangers and crafty promotion. Her prominent DJ career began in New York with the help of Justine D, and a year’s stint in Philly positioned her to help launch the careers of Diplo, Low Budget and Spankrock. As a vocalist her disco rap style has been featured by Larry Tee (in his “Let’s Make Nasty” club anthem), Armand Van Helden, Audioporno and more. But she is best known as one of New York’s canonical selectors, spinning beside the likes of DJ AM, Afrojack, Afrika Bambaataa, A-trak and more.

Opener Anton Glamb represents the Radical Outing posse dedicated to providing a fresh perspective towards urban culture that they sum up as “Totally original music. Totally original vibes.” Producer, remixer and MC and programmer, Glamb is a high output artist informed by the bizarre and obscure, framed within a DIY aesthetic. Also on the weekly bill is producer and DJ Brittiny “Bonnie Danger” Porter, understated turntable genius that lives to create forward-thinking playlists. Her refusal to overhype herself is compensated by her musical dexterity, making her the best kept secret in NYC’s nightlife, a true DJ’s DJ.

Hip-hop, electro, house, pop, rock and some unclassifiable sounds are on the menu. NIGHT SCHOOL is for those in the know when it comes to underground fun. As nightlife tycoon Steve Lewis puts it, “the DJ is number 1 an entertainer, but almost as importantly, an educator.”

Thursday, September 2, 2010

NEW (FREE) TUESDAY WEEKLY! EMERGENCY PARTY - Brian Degraw, LIzzi Bougatsos, Spencer Sweeney, Andrew Kuo and more!

Every Tuesday (starts September 7)
11:00PM 21+
Resident DJ’s: Lizzi Bougatsos, Brian Degraw, Tim Barber, Nick Relph, Spencer Sweeney, Andrew Kuo
MC’s: Telfare, Shayne, Allan (The Legend)
Hosts: Rob Pruitt, Gavin Brown, and Parinaz Mogadassi


Spencer Sweeney and Andrew Kuo, both multi-instrumentalists and visual artists, represent a scene of culturally ravenous artists and individuals whose uncompromisingly creative vision is the lifeblood of New York City’s downtown. The two have gathered their circle of creatives to essentially resurrect the cult favorite residency Sessions at Santa’s and expand its vision, resulting in a new social experiment dedicated to freedom entitled EMERGENCY PARTY.

At the helm of the roster of residents are Lizzi Bouagatsos (IUD) and Brian Degraw (Smiths Night), also of Gang Gang Dance, throwing down unpredictable sets. Also confirmed are DJ’s Tim Barber, Nick Relph, Rachel Chandler, Sweeney and Kuo will be hitting the decks themselves, and in the house will be MC’s Telfar, Shayne, Allan (The Legend). “Freedom Jams” are the name of the game, and the mammoth upstairs system at Santos will be blasting tunes to expand the mind and coax the will to dance. The party will also feature guest appearances, live sets, pop-up art sessions and oddball curators on a weekly basis. Weird is back with a vengeance.