Friday, May 6, 2011

Shabazz Palaces channel Elijah Muhammad, Black Dice

Gorilla Vs Bear & PopGun Booking present:
Shabazz Palaces, Thee Satisfaction and more
Thursday, May 12, 2011
7:30 PM 18+

For all those who feared that psychedelia in hip-hop would result in a whitewash, Shabazz Palaces is the answer, a meshing of laptop trickery, live instrumentation, and rap that has been vetted by the underground over decades. Ishmael "Palaceer Lazaro" Butler, formerly "Butterfly" of Digable Planets, leads the collective, with cohorts Baba Maraire from Zimbabwe and Silk (aka Dougie). Their name is derived from Nation of Islam scriptures, and accordingly their agile and intricate rap lyrics have a pro-black bent, mixed in with abstract poetry that nods to Busdriver and Aesop Rock. Their production is bizarre, heavily effected, and eclectic by way of incorporating things like Indonesian gamelan and American soul. In 2009 they did a dual release of their Of Light/Shabazz Palaces, which won blanket praise. Three Imaginary Girls summed it up, "Both are essential purchases for those who remember exactly when hip-hop took over rock's legacy in universal pop art; and for those longing for a new chronicle based on the faithful elements of that genre." Their third album Black Up is slated for release June 28.

With so much needless machismo infesting the ranks of hip-hop, many feel like a lot of talent has gone to waste, its transcendental potential stifled. The ladies in THEESatisfaction are the answer to this disappointment. Rather than tacking on superfluous gimmicks onto hip-hop's elements, they turn these techniques inward, manifesting the bizarre, psychedelic and polyrhythmic structures hinted at by RZA and J Dilla. Vocally, Lauryn Hill is recalled, with layered rhyme schemes and a smooth vocal tone that deliberately weaves in and out of the frenetic samples. Keep an eye on these two stoner chicks and an ear on their refreshingly strange sounds.

Thursday, April 28, 2011

The Underground Rebel Bingo Club is nigh

The Underground Rebel Bingo Club
Saturday, April 30, 2011
8:00 PM 21+



We feel a little ripped off. We were told that the British consulate wanted to throw a party celebrating the royal wedding, ascots required, secret handshakes, pillaged remains, the whole nine. Instead, it becomes this insane, perverted take on bingo, which really doesn't need much more excitement, thank you very much. We were a little worried that this whole thing would be too frenetic for our club atmosphere, but a contract is a contract, even if we didn't understand it. In hindsight it was a pretty straightforward document, but we thought it was in the Queen's English. The rules of Underground Rebel Bingo are listed on their website:

No old people.

No boring people.

No office parties.

No hen parties.

No stag parties.

No work suits.

customer service.

Dress Code: Undercover on your way there, dangerous once you're inside.

Friday, April 22, 2011

Mucca Pazza will kick your azza - with Grooms and more


The freewheeling Chicago troupe of 30 mobile musicians, Mucca Pazza, will be bringing a sensory onslaught to the Santos stage on April 28 (TICKETS HERE). The mismatched "marching band that thinks it's a rock 'n roll band" will be joined by francophile popsters April March & Julien Gasc, post-noise vanguard Grooms (formerly Muggabears), and anti-dance folksters Soft Landing. The New York Times recommended the concert in the Weekend Miser column. Squares need not apply.

Monday, April 11, 2011


Live N' Direct presents:
International Hip Hop Festival Party Event
with D-Stroy, Crazy Legs, Evil Dee, DJ Eclipse, Keith Murray, DJ Kheops, Group Home, Shabaam Sahdeeq, Nine, Lords of the Underground
Thursday, April 14, 2011
8:30PM 18+
Tickets available here


Before hip-hop became one of the biggest grossing genres of music in the US, it was already an international sensation. To this day, certain underground hip-hoppers are A-list celebrities abroad. THIS IS HIP HOP is a celebration of the international coalition that support this music and culture. Legends and visionaries likeKeith Murray (Def Squad), DJ Evil Dee, DJ Eclipse, Crazy Legs,Shabaam Sahdeeq and Lords Of The Underground will be here in force.

Friday, April 8, 2011

What's on the internet? A buncha pictures!

Some cool people played shows here, some cool people took pictures of it. Two of the three sets are punk rock shows shot by photographers from BrooklynVegan, note their incredible flair for aerial shots. Find yourself! No, seriously. Find yourself. On some deep shit.

3/24/11 - Absinthe party with Bag Raiders live and resident DJ Matt Cash
Pictures by Bill Kennedy


OFF!, Trash Talk and Cerebral Ballzy
Pictures by Keith Marlowe (more here)


Subhumans, MDC, Death First, Cojoba
Pictures by Jason House and Keith Marlowe (more here)


Wednesday, March 30, 2011


Everyone employed at Santos gets pumped on different shows or parties every day. This asshole Marketing Director tends to stoke out on hardcore and metal shows. Naturally, I've been excited to see Trash Talk and Off! for months. Even with a bum leg last time Trash Talk was here, singer Lee Spielman still ended up standing on our north bar setting it off.

And as seen on the video below, dudes didn't exactly hold back this time around. Spielman sung and ignited pits in pretty much every corner of our beloved North Pole. And it ruled. While I got a little too twisted to stick around for Off! (I saw them 86 times at SXSW anyway), Trash Talk still blew my mind. Highlights included watching RCRDLBL head-honco and Santos' bro Elliot Aronow circle pit and fuck up his arm (prior to saying the phrase 'hardcore rules'), watching Nick Zinner get into Cerebral Ballzy, and feeling the effects of my bro Nick from Alpha & Omega stage dive on top of me at least 10 times. Oh, and of course me stage diving directly onto the floor at about the 3:10 mark. All in all, a solid night.

For all the dudes in the world is freaking out because Odd Future stage dives a bunch during their shows, they should probably go to a Trash Talk show to see the real deal (not hating, just saying). Big shouts to our light wizard Jeff Burton for catching this shitty-to-crappy footage on his Flip Cam.

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

JEFF The Brotherhood and Screaming Females will riff you apart

JEFF The Brotherhood, Screaming Females, Juiceboxxx, Teen Witch, DJ Thanksgiving Brown
Thursday, March 31, 2011
7:00 PM 18+
TICKETS AVAILABLE HERE and at Other Music (15 East 4th St)


Real-life brothers and dynamic garage duo Jeff The Brotherhood might be considered a breakout artist these days, but the youngsters have been power-riffing away since the early 2000’s when Jamin and Jake Orrall were in their mid-teens. Their sound is huge compared to their modest setup – a lightly outfitted trap kit and a guitar minus three strings, but the grooves they lay down are weighty and dense, perfectly complimenting their mature songwriting. Strictly DIY in practice, the group run their own label Infinity Cat, and through it produced and released their 2010 album Heavy Days, recorded by Roger Moutenot (Yo La Tengo, Sleater Kinney, Velvet Underground ).

Heavily touted by the likes of Ted Leo and BrooklynVegan, the pop-inspired punk rock of Screaming Females is an undeniably jarring mixture of coarseness and brilliant songwriting. Somehow, they pour on layers of memorable melody despite being a humble trio. Marissa Paternoster earns the most attention as the guitar-savvy frontwoman with the versatile yell as befits the band’s name. Pitchfork approves, saying, “Punk has traditionally prized attitude over abilities, but Screaming Females have both: Rather than muzzle their ferocity, the band's tight, tense dynamic amplifies the fuck-off stridency of their fourth LP, Castle Talk.”

The otherworldly sounds of Juiceboxxx, producer and sometimes rapper, are rooted in hip-hop, but share a kinship with glitch, house, electro, punk and various underground club musics. The world of music journalism is just warming up to this young talent, thanks in no small part to his slot supporting Public Enemy on tour.

Occupying a comfy niche between retro pop and punk, Teen Witch are an unsigned hype not to be underestimated.

Santa Is Builiding An Army

Santos Party House, the bi-level juggernaut dance club and performance space in downtown Manhattan, is looking for interns to help out with marketing, booking and administration. In its two years since opening, the venue has become internationally renowned, has won 19 nightlife awards (including Paper Magazine’s “Best Club” two years in a row, Zagat Survey’s “Best Dance Club” and The L Magazine’s “Best All-Around Everything Spot”), and has hosted marquee talent in nearly all genres of music, visual arts, cinema and more. We specialize in local talent as well as high-profile acts, and our industry connections include New York’s leading boutique storefronts as well giant media corporations. We are looking specifically for applicants whose passions include music (dance, local acts), nightlife, or marketing, and who exhibit adequate writing and general software skills. Creative, funny, syntactically aware and musically knowldgable writers are needed especially.

Interns will learn about the mechanics and colorful personalities of venue administration, gain hands-on experience with top-tier events featuring preeminent talent, and receive complimentary entry to events and freebies. We will also offer college credit where appropriate.

Notable talent:
Andrew W.K. (Owner)
The Yeah Yeah Yeahs
Busta Rhymes
Gang Gang Dance
Peter Bjorn & John
Tim & Eric
Sleigh Bells
Jahdan Blakkamoore
Vivian Girls
Jay Electronica
Meshell Ndegeocello
Debbie Harry
Yoko Ono
Thurston Moore
Just Blaze
Basement Jaxx
Boys Noize
Grandmaster Flash, 108,
DJ Sets by Beastie Boys, Animal Collective, Neon Indian

Those interested should e-mail Fred(at) a cover letter and resume. We will not be taking inquiries over the phone.

Thursday, March 24, 2011

Trash Talk and OFF! to give you cauliflower ear

Trash Talk, OFF! and Cerebral Ballzy
Saturday, March 26, 2011
7:00 PM 18+
TICKETS AVAILABLE HERE and at Other Music (15 East 4th St, Manhattan)


The mutation through which music has gone at the hands of the internet has changed our idea of authenticity and the notion of purists. What used to be sell-out is now the paradigm and vice versa. So it’s ironic that a band like Trash Talk can become known as rogues by simply keeping their violent sound unadulterated. Drawing primarily from old crossover era thrash metal and hardcore, they have perfected and slightly updated the techniques of brutality, hiding layers of deceptive complexity under heavily distorted riffs, artillery percussion, and untiring screams. The band have taken full ownership of their vision, publishing their own records and books through their Trash Talk Collective imprint, closely allied with the world of skating. In a review for their 2010 release Eyes & Nines, Pitchfork praised them for “conveying absolute fury,” declaring, “And though you can probably listen to the album more than once on your morning commute, it still works as a full-immersion experience, its sludgy roar hitting hard on a visceral gut-level."

Going into 2011’s SXSW, one of the most discussed acts in heavy music is OFF!, a veritable underground supergroup, boasting members such as vocalist Keith Morris (who served in Black Flag and Circle Jerks) and bassist Steven McDonald (Redd Kross). At first, they present tightly honed punk chops with streetwise inflection, but the complexity these musicians have built over the years soon reveals itself upon second listen. Guitarist Dimitri Coats explains, "There's a dark sarcasm that's prevalent throughout his body of work and it fits with what we're trying to get across with our band." They formed in 2009 and in late 2010 released a compilation of their first four EP’s, with 16 tracks boasting just over a minute’s length each, true OG punk style.Punknews has gotten on board, saying “With 16-minute shows and 18-minute "albums," OFF! is reclaiming what can be absolutely great about punk rock. There's not a millisecond of wasted time, not a single wasted breath, not a single crack of the drums that doesn't drive the music forward. That's”

The Brooklyn quintet Cerebral Ballzy can boast an accomplishment that most punk groups envy: a balance between snark and ferociousness. Often seen playing alongside Japanther and the Death Set, they recall the era of Minor Threat and Bad Brains with remarkable accuracy.

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

NYC LOVES JAPAN - Tony Touch, Stretch Armstrong and Louie Vega put it down for the relief effort

Tony Touch & Friends present:
NYC LOVES JAPAN: DJ's Tony Touch, Louie Vega, Stretch Armstrong
Friday, March 25, 2011
10:00 PM 21+


The earthquake and tsunami that struck Japan on March 11 was one of the most devastating natural disasters of our time, and with lingering dangers due to a compromised nuclear plant, the relief effort will be long and hard-fought. We wouldn't be New Yorkers if we did not come to the aid of a country that has given us so much, and that is why DJ Tony Touch is wrangling his allies in nightlife to contribute the best way he knows how: with a party. On March 25th at Santos Party House, the crews from Funkbox, Toca Tuesdays and Rock Steady will throw down, with a DJ line-up featuring hip-hop radio and nightlife pioneer Stretch Armstrong, soulful house production genius Louie Vega, Tony Touch himself, a producer, rapper and cultural bridge between hip-hop and latin culture. Hosting will be discotheque queen Rosie Perez. Once again, these veteran nightlife entities have put together a great party, this time for a great cause.

Salem pics, Andrew W.K. at SXSW

Thanks to Rachel Chandler for Purple Magazine.


Andrew W.K., who has a new EP out on March 30th in Japan, had a few words with iClips, discussing the Thrasher Mag SXSW party curated by Santos, his new music, destroying things with teenagers, and much more.

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

"One huge act of creativity"

InTheMo, a handy new website on recommendable people, places and parties, has put together an amazing video feature on our little club that could featuring our inimitable owner Spencer Sweeney.

"... The next night we might have a gay party on a biblical scale come through and just [explode]..."

Salem to haunt the house

S!ck presents
Mainstage: SALEM with Lil Ugly mane, Shams, DJ's Aaron K, Becka Diamond, XMOFOX, MDMA Arthur and Cool Hand Luke (downstairs level included)
Downstairs ($5 cover does not include mainstage): Ghxst, Black Hearted Diamond Boy, Blissed Out, Gospels, Food Stamps
Saturday, March 19, 2011
9:00 PM 18+
(MAINSTAGE) TICKETS AVAILABLE HERE and at Other Music (15 East 4th St, Manhattan)


Salem's founding member John Holland told Dazed and Confused, "I feel inspired musically when I see a large burning fire in the middle of the forest, smoke and fog, large waves and expansive bodies of water. But our birthplace is the woods, so that remains a part of us." Though the scant lyrics in the band's music are often obscured by gusts of haunting production, but the primary invocations of the paranormal, dark, and the isolated parts of the human here are startling vivid; the band's mythic history with drugs, depression and prostitution are merely inferred. Their beats are slow, menacing takes on inner city club music, house, dub, crunk and juke. Holland and his partners Heather Marlatt and Jack Donoghue share production and vocal duties, with neo-Romantic melodies infiltrating synth sounds from new wave and industrial electronica, all filtered through the band's close personal bond and profoundly dark worldview. Cokemachineglow extolled their 2010 debut full-length King Night, saying, "Salem evokes the seismic thrill of a good Gucci drop alongside all of Nico’s ghostly beauty within the very framework and timbre of their productions. The result is no less than one of 2010’s most exciting debuts."

Friday, March 11, 2011

Death Match Player!

Enjoy the Official Death Match player and make sure to come by our FREE party to see these bands live!

Thrasher Magazine and Santos Party House present:
DEATH MATCH DAY PARTY at South by Southwest!
Pentagram, Odd Future, Das Racist, Green & Wood, Killer Mike, Sweet Apple, Fang Island, Danny Brown, and Balance & Composure with Ghe20 G0thik DJ's and your host Andrew W.K.
Friday, March 18, 2011
The Scoot Inn (1308 E 4th St, Austin, TX 11230)
12PM - 6PM

Friday, March 4, 2011

MetroMix Win, Installation Featured in the New York Times

Thanks to our incredible clientele of vicious partygoers, we have taken the big win for MetroMix's 2011 Best of New York poll. Well done everyone! We will continue working ourselves to the bone to bring you the best in nightlife, entertainment, art and leisure.



We've been taking great pains over the past couple of years to make our downstairs level an incredible club and music venue in its own right, so when we decided to also make the entire thing an art installation by the world famous Peter Doig the media was sure to take notice.

The New York Times' Ben Detrick stopped by our Emergency Party unveiling celebration in and was pretty impressed by what he saw. His article comes with a nice little slideshow.


Last Saturday, a stream of artists, fashion designers, gallery owners, writers and their scene-y cohorts descended into the basement of Santos Party House, which had been transformed into a rotating art installation. It was the return of the Emergency Party — a kind of Warhol Factory meets a dive bar started by Parinaz Mogadassi, a curator, and Spencer Sweeney, one of Santos’s art-minded owners.

Peter Doig, an abstract painter from Trinidad, colored the cinderblock walls in one corner in Caribbean pastels. The artist Rita Ackermann and Lizzi Bougatsos, a musician in the electronic group Gang Gang Dance, contributed paintings that hung in the upstairs windows, and remade an Ol’ Dirty Bastard track that played in the entrance.

“People are trying to get back that ’80s thing where the art world and clubbing was synonymous,” said Matthew Higgs, the director of the White Columns gallery.

By midnight, as a fog machine clouded the air and disco thumped, the club was packed with a raffish crowd that included a sprinkling of stars like Chloë Sevigny and MC Spank Rock.

More installations and accompanying parties to follow. If you need more convincing, here's The New York Press' read on the series.

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Marnie Stern and Tera Melos with Headless Horseman get weird

Marnie Stern and Tera Melos with Headless Horseman
Friday, March 4th, 2011
7:30 PM 18+
TICKETS HERE (and at Other Music - 15 E 4th St, Manhattan)


Stuffy music critics tend to label Marnie Stern “artrock,” perhaps because the idea of a woman commanding progressive metal is easier for them to stomach when referred to by misty catchalls. But with all due respect, none who have been branded as such can shred this well, and Stern possesses the finger-tapping acumen that Eddie Van Halen would envy. Her music runs the gamut in terms of emotional bent, but as a whole it is bright and uplifting, propelled by fleet polyrhythms and Stern’s playful lyricism. Pitchfork has said of her second self-titled LP released in 2010, “There's plenty here for musicians to analyze and dissect with envy, but first and foremost, this is an album for the body and the soul.”

The mischievous and infinitely original nature of Tera Melos does not give easily to classification. Their harmonic sensibilities fit tenuously in the world of post-hardcore, but the phrasing of be-bop and the raw irreverence of punk are also very present in the music. And while most of their grooves don’t require a calculator, expect odd rhythms and whimsical time signatures to enter into the fray. The technical superiority of this trio is adds density to their music, making it infinitely relistenable, while allowing them to expand into heavier and/or stranger sonic territories. They’re currently hot off the heels of the release of their Zoo Weather EP, a compilation of original jams as well as remixes.

The profundity of Headless Horseman is in their ability to reveal the menacing in nearly every kind of music they explore in their psychedelic collage of styles. You’ve got your pop, folk, blues, dance and noise music all handled efficiently, with a healthy dose of the sinister underlying everything. Electronic trickery is the centerpiece of their sound, with guitars, drums and various acoustic appendages adding to the mix, all handled by Connor O’Neill and Fareed Sajan (Bottle Up & Go) . Stereogum called them a "band to watch," we'll do them one better and give them a listen!

Monday, February 28, 2011

SXSW show with Pentagram, Odd Future, Das Racist, Killer Mike, Fang Island and more

Thrasher Magazine and Santos Party House present:
DEATH MATCH DAY PARTY at South by Southwest!
Pentagram, Odd Future, Das Racist, Green & Wood, Killer Mike, Alpha & Omega, Green & Wood, Fang Island, Danny Brown, and Balance & Composure with Ghe20 G0thik DJ's and your host Andrew W.K.
Friday, March 18, 2011
The Scoot Inn (1308 E 4th St, Austin, TX 11230)
12PM - 6PM

Not long ago we lifted our building up by its foundations and moved int 8 feet to the right. Quite a feat indeed if we do say so ourselves, but it's nothing compared to what we have planned for March 18th, when we will have a large fleet of military-grade helicopters airlift us to Austin, Texas, where we will host perhaps the most insane South by Southwest party perhaps ever. And not to outdo ourselves, but the next move will be to fit our venue within the confines of the Scoot Inn for an intense, FREE party that we've put together along with the folks at Thrasher Skateboard Magazine, Converse and The line-up is absolutely awe-inspiring. Pentagram, who was paving the way for metal at the same time as Black Sabbath, will clean up after grindhouse child prodigy rap crew Odd Future Wolf Gang Kill Them All puts it down, Das Racist mesmerizes with rhymes way ahead of their time, Killer Mike (aka Mike Bigga) blesses us with his new futuristic material, and Fang Island sets the floor ablaze with uplifting riffs. Also playing live sets will be Green & Wood, Alpha & Omega, Danny Brown, and Balance & Composure, with New York's own Ghe20 G0thik crew cutting up the turntables and your host, the United Nations recognized King Of Partying, Andrew W.K.. The party is free, starting at noon, and Pabst will be in the housing distributing their sweet nectar for free. To anyone who has any appreciation for music as a concept, this show will be an absolute must.

Thursday, February 24, 2011

reOPENed finale party 2/25 at Santos! - A-Trak, DJ Premier, Clark Kent, Stretch Armstrong and more join residents Just Blaze and crew

reOPENed Grand Finale!
special guest DJ's A-Trak, Clark Kent, DJ Premier, Evil Dee, Stretch Armstrong and Tony Touch
with residents Just Blaze, DJ Soul, DJ Gravy, Max Glazer (Federation Sound) and Micro Don
Friday, February 25, 2011
11:00 PM 21+
$10 before midnight, $20 after


Immortal memories were made at reOPENed. Wild, unpredictable, unspeakable and mesmerizing things occurred under these epileptic lights and juggernaut speakers. It's true that all good things must come to an end, but all great things must end in an explosion. A handful of the people that have made New York City such an incredible place for music will be assisting reOPENed's platinum-selling producer residents. A-Trak, Clark Kent, Dje Premier, Evil Dee, Stretch Armstong and Tony Touch will join the normal line-up of superproducer Just Blaze, DJ Soul, DJ Gravy, Federation Sound's Max Glazer, and MC Micro Don. This invincible line-up of beatmakers, remixers and selecters will carry us off into even bigger and brighter things. You'd think the story's over but it's ready to begin.

Party bio:
Dubbed "Best DJ Night" at Paper Magazine's 4th Annual Nightlife Awards and nominated again this year [Best Party and Best DJ: Just Blaze and Max Glazer], reOPENed has earned the reputation for being the most important Friday night in the Five Boroughs for the masses to get down. From movie stars to breakdancers to workplace warriors of every collar, the crowd is a beautiful and authentic representation of New York City's soul, and the music is engineered accordingly.

Upstairs is JUST BLAZE, the multi-platinum producer and remixer who has laid tracks for Eminem's current release, Jay-Z, Busta Rhymes, Beastie Boys, Mariah Carey, MF DOOM, Janet Jackson, Jay Electronica, Kanye West and many more. While his sets do feature plenty of classic hip-hop, less obviously he makes liberal use of house music, soul classics, electronic disco, and just about anything with a serious beat. DJ SOUL is at his side, stepping it up with some ecclectic selections adored by his crowd of music moguls and celebrites.

Meanwhile, DJ GRAVY, MAX GLAZER and MICRO DON establish the Friday night headquarters of Caribbean grooves in our downstairs level, spinning dancehall, soca, as well as classic reggae and reggaetronica. Max's track "Whine" with Jamaica's undisputed #1 artist, Vybz Kartel, is currently enjoying spins on Hot 97 while Gravy is effortlessly connecting the dots of global pop culture as founder and publisher of, the web's premier Caribbean Lifestyle site hosted on Questlove's He also has a new mixtape called "Forever Summer" dropping soon.

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Chronic Youth keeps it heavy with Weedeater and Trapped Under Ice

Weedeater, ASG, Naam and Clean Teeth
Thursday, February 24, 2011


Weedeater sounds and feels like motor oil running through your veins. Their bluesy sludge riffs would make Dimebag proud, and Dixie Colllins' growl resonates in your liver.MetalReview said of their 2011Jason... The Dragon, "The bass tone is simply crushing, and the overall sonic wallop packed here is enough to give you goosebumps when turned up to an appropriate volume level.

Trapped Under Ice, Dead End Path, No Values, The Last Stand
Friday, February 25, 2011


The music of Trapped Under Ice is as dense and solid as their name would suggest. They move from syncopated grooves to rapid fire brutality with ease, thunderous riffs battling against bludgeoning percussion. By carefully measuring technical proficiency against brilliant songwriting, they successfully redner their native Baltimore streets in hardcore. Scene Point Blank says of their 2011 LP Secrets Of The World, "The strength of the album is in the fact that it doesn’t stop to let you think until it’s already halfway over. After that, it gets back to it’s strengths. No posturing - just heavy and fast."

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Fujiya & Miyagi to kick it with you

PopGun Booking presents:
Fujiya & Miyagi, Project Jenny, Project Jan and more
Wednesday, March 23, 2011
18+ 8:00 PM


Though concise and focused, the Brighton pop quartet Fujiya & Miyagi can be hard to pin down. Constructed of Krautrock riffs arranged into snappy downtempo grooves, their tracks achieve a subtle complexity by weaving together numerous influences, of which the band cites Can, Kraftwerk and Aphex Twin. The band came together in 2000 during a game of soccer football and their most recent upgrade was the addition of a live percussionist. Playful lyrics approaching dark subject matter are uttered by Davie Best, who claims, “I physically am unable to shout. It’s a medical condition.”

Their 2011 album Ventriloquizzing is the bands newest evolutionary step, displaying a level of skill that fully and effectively utilizes the quartet format for deeper personal exploration. Best describes the band’s topical choices on the album, “Themes like control, frustration, disappointment, violence. It doesn’t sound like a barrel of laughs when you say them out loud, but it’s not a depressing record.” Popmatters says the Ventriloquizzing “expands the band’s palette” and “may be Fujiya & Miyagi’s best album to date.”

Jeremy Haines and Sammy Rubin are masters of sonic disguise, using their production prowess to create an extremely diverse repertoire of jams completely disembodied from physicality or genre. Most of their songs are danceable with cheeky lyrics and labyrinth beats but the similarities end there. Gothamist remarked, “This is a band that should be taken seriously, even while singing about homemade sex tapes and the Chinatown bus."

Monday, February 21, 2011

Emergency Is Coming

New promo video for the launch party of our Somebody Arted In Here! series. The Emergency Party is back!

Somebody Arted In Here! - "Basement Bacchanal" unveiling and launch party
with additional pieces by Lizzi Bougatsos and Rita Ackermann
DJ's Peter Doig, Brian Degraw (w/ live instruments), Thomas Bullock, Spencer Sweeney
Saturday, February 26, 2011
11:00pm 21+


Thursday, February 17, 2011



MetroMix knows their shit. Best of polls are a dime a dozen, but when your fellow nominees include 88 Palace, Pies-N-Thighs, Quality Meats, Fette Sau, Brooklyn Winery and Eastern Bloc (home to our own Sam Chiera - vote for them in the "Best Gay Bar" category!), you know you're doing something right. True, this isn't our first time on this poll, but as we've been improving our clubbing and live experiences, we can only assume that we remain quite eligible for your vote. So help us out and VOTE HERE! Then switch computers and vote again!


Odd Future, the LA collective of arthouse shock hip-hoppers invaded SPH for a sold-out show. Celebrities, musicians, politicians, models, punks, rappers and scumbags of all stripes were in attendance for the raucous evening helmed by the team of syllable-slinging teenagers signed to XL Recordings. The media was also in the building, resulting in a heap of photos documenting the melee.

Don Morris for The Source


Props to Brook Bobbins for the vid

The Fallon performance video that's making the rounds.