Monday, August 31, 2009

Zombie Nation remixed by Hey Today!

ZOMBIE NATION w/ Special Guests | 11.04.09 | 7pm

Zombie Nation came to life in 1999 when the first 12 inch record was released on DJ Hell's International Deejay Gigolo Records. Before Zombie Nation was born, the ZN mastermind Florian Senfter who also goes by the name John Starlight or Mr. Splank used to spend his time squatting abandoned factories to organize parties with his back then crew in Munich/Germany. Those were the days where acid was considered food and strobe light substituted for sunlight. So, what are the most famous songs of this ahh Zombie Nation? Is it Souls at Zero? Paeng Paeng, Booster or Kernkraft 400? "I created a Monster, it developed a life of it's own" is what Splank says about Kernkraft 400. The song is considered be one of the most remixed electronic songs ever, amongst them also the bootleg "chant" mix, which has made Kernkraft a sports anthem around the globe Undisturbed by this, Splank kept on doing his thing and released the 3rd ZN Album "Black Toys" in 2006. It was highly acclaimed by fans and critics for it's diversity and organic feel. Splank also releases as John Starlight. Remember the banging Blood Angels? The story continued with ZZT in 2007, a collaboration between ZN and Tiga. They released the nerve wrecking "Lower State of Consciousness" - together with a banging remix by Justice on the flip side.


Tuesday, August 25, 2009

9/8/09 RAEKWON's Only Built 4 Cuban Linx II release party ft Ghostface, Method Man, Talib Kweli, Slick Rick and more!

UPDATE:Busta Rhymes added, tickets here.
UPDATE AGAIN: Door times is at 9pm.

On September 9, Raekwon The Chef of the Wu-Tang Clan is dropping the much-awaited sequel to his 1995 classic Only Built 4 Cuban Linx... a triumph of storytelling, technically proficient rhymes and gritty Shaolin-style production. Granted, he has kept to this formula since his debut with the Clan, but Part II will be his greatest triumph of the decade, with production by RZA as well as Dr. Dre, J. Dilla, Pete Rock, Marly Marl, Necro, The Alchemist and Allah Mathematics, with rhymes contributed by Slick Rick, Busta Rhymes, and The Lox. Ghostface Killah will reprise his role as the secondary rapper on the album, and there will be also be multiple appearances by Wu-Tang stalwarts Method Man, GZA and Inspectah Deck.

At 9pm on the release date, Santos Party House will be holding the concert and celebration, which promises to be flat out the best real hip-hop events the city has seen in a long time. Peep the line-up:

hosted by P. DIDDY alongside Hot 97's PETER ROSENBERG

Thursday, August 20, 2009


SEPTEMBER 15, 2009 7:00PM
- Buy tickets


Regan Farquhar, as nom de plume BUSDRIVER, is known to hip-hop heads as the paradigm of virtuoso lyricism. His elaborate verbal labyrinths communicate the intricacies of the modern psycho-social landscape. On his records, rapid barrages of multi-syllabic rhymes share space with melodic passages resembling Thom Yorke, spontaneous freestyles brimming with wit, and production that marries deft turntablism with psychedelic electro tambours. His newest full-length Jhelli Beam (ANTI-), he brings back the vocal acrobatics that made him famous with some of his more recent forays into experimentation saturated with dark humor.
Busdriver’s roots in hip-hop begin with his father, who was a screenwriter for the cultural milestone Krush Groove. His style fermented at the Good Life Café in Los Angeles, a South Central health food center with workshops frequented by the likes of Snoop Dogg, Ice Cube and Lenny Kravitz, with performers including The Pharcyde, Xzibit and the groups that would eventually coalesce as Jurassic 5. With all this hip-hop history under his belt, Busdriver became a master rap technician and an incredibly quick-witted freestyler. One of his signature styles is employing the “vocalese” pioneered by Jazz singers like Jon Hendricks which entails tracing vocal melodies over instrumental lines. Though in lieu of jazz solos Busdriver tends to set his raps to classical art music. His 2002 cut “Imaginary Places” used Bach’s “Minuet and Badinerie Orchestral Suite No. 2 in B Minor” as its source, becoming a breakout single featured in the video game Tony Hawk’s Underground .
Lyrically, Busdriver’s eschews the egotism that pervades at all levels of hip-hop in favor of a self-deprecating sense of humor, and a deep understanding of socio-economic sects including fear-addled conservatives, thug poseurs, and the hipsters that hold sway over an indie rapper’s fate (“They wanted good freestyling/ With sarcasm of Woody Allen/ Their parents own oil rigs, they’re just some spoiled kids whom I was aimed to please”). His response to Barack Obama’s inauguration and the “Yes We Can” movement is a collaboration with Flying Lotus called “Will He,” in which he points out “… still the President’s thought of as a thoughtful coon/ As Hannity peddles the fresh nonsense/ having his every press conference remixed and auto-tuned.” The beats that accompany Busdriver’s tongue-in-cheek yet below-the-belt rhymes range from traditional hip-hop breaks to ambient trance passages and circuit-bending electronic maneuvering. Producers have included Danger Mouse, Prefuse 73, Nobody, Free The Robots, D-styles, Daedalus, Paris Zax, Daddy Kev, and Omid. Aside from rapping alongside Aceyalone, MC Paul Barman, Mikah 9, and Abstract Rude, Busdriver’s repertoire boasts many unconventional collaborations including Z-Trip, Th’ Corn Gangg (The Unicorns side project), and Bianca Casady (CocoRosie).
Jhelli Beam, released June 2009, features Busdriver in top form, refining the staple elements of his sound and incorporating more live instrumentation onto spacey production, much of it courtesy of guitarist AntiMC (who also mans the glockenspiel). John Dietrich of Deerhoof provides guitars and “soundscape” on “Fishy Face,” Nicholas Thorburn (The Unicorns, Islands) lends his vocals on “Happy Insider,” and “Handfuls of Sky” features a three-piece string section. And in full force is Busdriver’s critical insight; turning his gaze to mainstream’s hip-hop stasis: “Your favorite dude who champions every Chicago city song/ From his condominium while brandishing his implausible minigun.” The lead single “Me-Time (with the Pulmonary Palimpsest)” brings back the vocalese, this time using Mozart as source material. On September 15th the New York leg of his tour is kicking it at Santos Party House, an ideal home for hip-hop legends and psychedelic collectives alike, where Busdriver will be completely in his element.


In an age where syrup-soaked thug chants and dance instructions rule the hip-hop landscape, there’s a lot to be said for storytelling skills and a passion for crafting vocal lines. Abstract Rude’s sense of rhythm can be likened to that of an Afro-Latin conga player, leaning towards the polyrhythmic, while his delivery moves seamlessly between straight rapping and melodicism that recalls Bone Thugs-N-Harmony. A veteran of Project Blowed, Abstract Rude is a member of the group Haiku D’etat (wth Mikah 9 and Aceyalone) as well as Abstract Tribe Unique (with DJ Drez and Fat Jack). His new album Rejuvenation (RHYMESAYERS) uses rap as a jump-off point into other musical territories including neo-soul and jazz.

ALSO ON SEPTEMBER 15, Friday night resident DJ Q-Tip will be releasing Kamaal The Abstract (BATTERY), an album eight years in the making, produced entirely by Tip and the late J Dilla.

“LA Reid didn't know what to do with it; then, three years later, they release Outkast. What Outkast is doing now, those are the kinds of sounds that are on Kamaal the Abstract. Maybe even a little more out. Kamaal was just me, guerrilla.” (HIPHOPDX)

More at Q-Tip’s Myspace

Monday, August 17, 2009

Well drinks for concerts now $8

Music has done so much for us, and now it's time to give a little back. Santos Party House is dropping the early live concert (meaning doors open before 9pm) price of well drinks to $8 in order to facilitate the distribution of party fuel to the masses. And if you want to do your part, buy one of these more affordable cocktails for an SPH blogger!

This is what it will look like! (photo c/o Showtrotta)

Why not give it a whirl at these shows:
TONIGHT (8/17) - The Virgins, The Beets, Animal Collective DJ Set 8PM
8/18 - Lemonade, Cale Parks, Dinowalrus, Teengirl Fantasy, JDH and Dave P
8/20 - Adult Swim presents: Black Dice, Chinese Stars, Landed, hosted by Cindy Karacas (Superjail) and Tim Harrington (Les Savvy Fav) - FREEEEEE 8PM
8/21 - FRESH: Christian Rich , Soundwavve , Tenna Torres , Curtis Santiago , Lajune Grant and music by Bonnie Danger
8/22 - Nebula, The Entrance Band, Naam and Chronic Youth DJ's
8/27 - Die Pretty, Northern Public, Midnight Spin and The Sweet Sacrifice
8/28 - The Cringe and The Orion Experience

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

UPCOMING: The Virgins, Animal Collective, Lemonade

August 17, 2009 8:00PM - A BENEFIT FOR CINEMA NOLITA All tickets sold at the door. Full proceeds to Cinema Nolita. More acts TBA.


Returning to Santos a year after selling it out, The Virgins are virtuosos of groove, recalling the tambours of garage rock and the melodic undertones of new wave. Often compared to The Strokes and Franz Ferdinand for the dance punk sensibilities, the band has accomplished a lot in their 3 year run, including opening spots for Jet and Sonic Youth. Hot off the heels of destroying their Lollapalooza set, Santos is proud be hosting The Virgins again, before they’re forced into playing arenas or something like that.

Not to be confused with the fictional authors of “Killer Tofu,” The Beets are known for their raw take on classic bar-room punk. Their emphatic harmonized vocals are absolutely perfect for their pummeling strums and schoolboy drums.

Perhaps the pre-eminent name in experimental pop, Animal Collective is what every modern psychedelic sampler aspires to. Combining artfully crafted and melodically articulate lyrics over samples, synths and polyrhythms, Animal Collective put a freakishly distorted twist on the everyday. Their most recent album, Merriweather Post Pavillion has received nearly universal acclaim. For the Cinema Nolita benefit, they’ll be commandeering the Santos Party House sound system with a unique DJ set.

AUGUST 18, 2009 - Tickets available here


Lemonade is an unusually intense take on electro punk transplanted from San Francisco. Their beats are densely layered, heavily percussive and matched with a sinister vocal. Organic sounds and samples are equally essential and prominent in their tunes. While it’s not unusual for American dance music to incorporate Latin and Arab musical tropes, Lemonade does it without adding any additional gloss or glitter, allowing the sound to remain gritty and bizarre, a welcome home for samples and wave manipulation.

Cale Parks has moved from behind the drum kit for Aloha and White Williams to fronting his own unique musical project. His solo work has, since it's inception, been a foray deep into texture, rhythm, pure sound and onwards into the heart of the song. His 2006 album Illuminated Manuscript owes as much to his classically trained precision (as a trained orchestral percussionist) as it does to his ear for melancholy, summoning comparisons with the repetition of Steve Reich, the sadness of Arvo Part & the electronic textures of Mum. 2008's Sparklace builds all these aspects into a more structured whole indebted to the dark 80s British electronics of New Order and Depeche Mode. To Swift Mars, released on August 4th will come to be seen as his mission statement, where he combines the textural lessons learned from his previous works with a greater mastery of songwriting and a more organic instrumentation.

There’s something anthemic about Dinowalrus’ tranced-out experimental rock. All three members are multi-instrumentalists, as adept on strings, percussion and woodwinds as they are on their samplers and modulators. Energetic and infectious, their music transcends time, and rests somewhere in space between Pink Floyd, Sonic Youth, and New Order.

Through heavy use of samples and electronics, Teengirl Fantasy create moments of droney, polyrhythmic neo-disco and freeze them for repetition. The duo’s mastery of drum machines is unparalleled, and their sense of ambient harmony is quite astute for fellows just learning to master their hormones.

Plus DJ's JDH and DAVE P (Fixed)

Saturday, August 8, 2009

Tim and Eric's Santos Party House Jingle

We're proud to announce that SPH is among the elite band of corporations to sport a TIM AND ERIC jingle!

This and the "Santos Party House Cheer" consist the canon of Santos-oriented tunes to which all are welcome to contribute/remix.

More jingles in the "videos" section of the Tim and Eric website. Season 5 of TIM AND ERIC AWESOME SHOW coming soon to Cartoon Network!

The next and last night of Adult Swim's SUMMER AT SANTOS series is on August 20th, hosted by CHRISTY KARACAS (Superjail) and TIM HARRINGTON (Les Savvy Fav) with live performances by BLACK DICE, LANDED and CHINESE STARS. Doors open at 7pm, and it is free for all 18 years of age or older.

BONUS VIDEO: A full Phenomenal Hand Clap Band set from their full album release show on June 25th, courtesy of Baeble Music.