Friday, October 30, 2009

A very BOYS NOIZE Halloween tomorrow night with FIXED, POCKETKNIFE, C'MISH and DON VU

BOYS NOISE with resident JDH, Pockenife, C'mish and Don VU
October 31, 2009 10:00 PM


European techno often carries a benign and effete stigma, but musical prodigy and entrepreneur Alex Ridha , or BOYS NOIZE to you, presents dense and blisteringly percussive motifs that are meant to stimulate the mind and dancing shoe. Bolstered by his training as a pianist and percussionist, Boys Noize has broken from the confines of Berlin electro and has rapidly burst onto the international scene with his underground club appeal and his flair for the remix, not to mention the love he’s receiving from other mix virtuosos like Erol Alkan and A-Trak as they mine his tracks in tribute. His new album Power is out today, with the lead-off single “Starter” trailblazing the internet and driving beat junkies to any dancefloor he touches.

The student of Berlin electro cult figure D.I.M., Ridha was a mere 24 years old when his first LP Oi Oi Oi saw worldwide release in 2007. His timing could not have been better, as his remixes for Bloc Party’s “Banquet” and Kaiser Chiefs “Every Day I Love You Less and Less” were winning over the most influential club DJ’s with internet access. Aside from his own Boysnoize record lable, his material has been published by DJ Hell’s Deejay Gigolos label, Tiga’s Turbo Recordings label and Kitsun├ę Music. His track “& Down” was featured in the Grand Theft Auto IV (which set record debut sales). He has traded off remixes with other composer/mixers including SebastiAn, Justice and Surkin to name a few. As Tiga puts it, “For most of the past 2 years, Boys Noize records have saved by life as a DJ.”

On Halloween 2009, Boys Noize will be summoning the most unholy of spirits via Santos Party House’s massive soundsystem, wringing all the energy he can out of every woofer and tweeter. Joining him will be FIXED party architects JDH and Dave P who consistently satisfy the most discerning of electro fiends. Your best bet is to dress up as someone who can rock.
Boys Noize on Myspace

Pocketknife (Flagrant Flow)
C'mish (Turntable Lab)

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

The Santos Party House CMJ Yearbook is here!

Oh, the way we were. As we remember the glory days of CMJ, we think about the good friends we met, the faces that we melted, the journalists we trampled right before the open bar ended. The Santos Party House CMJ Yearbook by Nicky Digital is a treasure trove of such memories conveniently located on the Facebook. CMJ attendees are welcome to come find and tag themselves. We will be awarding out superlatives (I'm going for "Most Scrumptious") to people tagged in photos along with 2 free tickets to a Santos Party House event of their choosing.

More on the yearbook.

Saturday, October 24, 2009


We've been getting lots of questions about where to get the sweet Santa's threads. Shamefully, we don't have any answers. We've corroborated reports of a couple shirts appearing under Christmas trees, menorahs, skate ramps and handlebar mustaches, but finally a bundle of neat t-shirts and hoodies landed on our doorstep. Ask you friendly Santos bartender for how you can get one.

Be dressing your best, even while you take it off! (photo c/o Daniel Peterson)


Thursday, October 15, 2009


Bang Camaro, That Handsome Devil
October 15, 2009 7:00PM

Bang Camaro are Boston’s ultra-group. 20 singers strong with intricate riffs, these guys specialize in writing anthems for awesome. Precision delivery, blistering soloes and glorious harmonies classify their sound. The result is somewhere between the arena rock of the 70’s and the thrash revolution of the early 80’s combined with a modern indie sensibility. Imagine a boys choir gets lost in the forest of Boston for decades and then suddenly emerging, its members hardened and grizzled from surviving off of bear and dragon meat. Now imagine them getting the shit kicked out of them by a badass rock band. That band is Bang Camaro.
Bang Camaro homepage

As brash and insidious as their name would suggest, this Boston outfit is drugged out rockabilly meets noise pop for a danceable yet demented jaunt. The sociopathic swing that is That Handsome Devil is paired nicely with the sadistic and nihilistic lyrics that make sensuous art out of tongue-in-cheek wickedness.
That Handsome Devil on Myspace

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Friday night - SHONENE KNIFE, Miho Hatori's New Optimism, Shellshag, OPEN with Q-Tip (new video)

Shonen Knife, Miho Hatori's New Optimism and Shellshag
October 16, 2009 7:00 PM


Shonen Knife is one of alternative rock’s most enduring names, as their youthful and uplifting melting pot of styles defies time and classification. One could call them riot grrl, but that would overlook the light-hearted charm of their compositions and subject matter (candy, toys, and enjoyment). One could call them J-pop, but that would negate their raucous punk sound and the moxy they displayed in becoming one of the first internationally acclaimed all girl rock groups. Their notoriety is boosted by some memorable name-drops by Kurt Cobain, Thurston Moore and Wesley Willis among others. This summer they’ve released the new album Super Group, packed full of boisterous jams featuring a new regular member, former touring bassist Ritsuko Taneda.

The band formed in 1981 by sisters Naoko and Atsuko Yamano and Michie Nakatani. Coming from Osaka, Japan, a key site for Western imports, they were heavily influenced by the rock and roll streaming in from the United States and UK. Thus, their sound was a stripped-down take on punk and new wave with an unmistakably do-it-yourself presentation. Unlike their Western counterparts however, their 28 years of rock has not veered from upbeat, frivolous lyrics about animals, food, and friends. Though, at times, their J-pop cutesiness is peppered with the occasional strangeness or controversy. The cut “Dali’s Sunflower” was banned in Japan due to what authorities deemed as too explicit a reference to “going crazy.” “Twist Barbie,” the groups 1983 cut and perhaps their most popular, laments the Western feminine ideal as impossible to attain for Asian girls. Their import-only studio albums were favorites of the US underground rock scene, and in 1986 Sub Pop began releasing and reissuing material in America. In 1989, the tribute album Every Band Has A Shonen Knife That Loves Them was released featuring covers by Sonic Youth, The Mr. T Experience, Redd Kross and more. The band would go on to enjoy the fruits of American stardom, appearing on Late Night With Conan O’Brien, Beavis and Butthead, on CNN and onstage at Lollapalooza.

When Michie left the band in 1999, Atsuko put down the drumsticks took over duties on bass, making room for Etsuko Nakanishi to join the band as a permanent member behind the kits in 2005. In 2008, Atsuko left the band due to her marriage and was replaced by longtime Shonen fan Ritsuko. Super Group came out in May with critics haling the return to form. As proclaims “…the music is still as relevant as ever. Silly lyrics, stripped down rock melodies and a potent sense of fun make Super Group a great album.” The Culturedeluxe blog heralded the record as having “something for the metalhead, the pre-schooler AND the acid casualty out there.” On October 16th, they will be playing Santos Party House, also dedicated to fun, for what promises to be a memorable night for the eternally young among us.
Shonen Knife on Myspace

Known foremost as the vocalist for Cibo Matto, Miho Hatori has long been establishing herself as a solo composer and envelope-pusher. Her 2006 solo album Ecdysis threw together driving beats that mixed ambient electronic tones with some harsher noise and an airy vocal. Aside from her solo and Cibo endeavors she has lent vocal talent to Gorillaz, Handsome Boy Modelling School, John Zorn, Blackalicious and The 6ths.
Miho Hatori’s New Optimism

Get them before they get too cool for you. Shellshag are an unfairly infectious punk band from Brooklyn with a strong with a cross-coastal appeal. Perhaps a bit gritty but the world will compensate. Don Giovanni Records has just announced that they will be putting out the group’s debut LP which promises to bring their drumset-destroying antics into the comfort of your own home.
Shellshag on Myspace

10:00PM - OPEN residency with Q-Tip, Rich Medina and Jared Boxx

New Q-Tip video:

Diddy video shot, among other places, at Santos Party House:

Thursday, October 8, 2009

MONOTONIX - tomorrow night

October 9, 2009 7:00 PM

"AVC: How did those 10-15 people react when you started going crazy?

AS: Before they know us and before they know what to expect, there was a feeling that people was a little bit scared from us. For me, I judge a good show if in the beginning people afraid and then the end of the show people enjoy and open their heart and smile. If you can get into people hearts and minds, it is a good show for me. " - THE DECIDER interview, discussing Monotonix' first U.S. shows

Although they hail all the way from Tel Aviv, Monotonix make dirty garage rock that sounds like it came straight from the Motor City. The trio’s 2008 EP, Body Language, highlights their love for all things raucous and messy. The band’s delirously energetic live shows ended up getting them banned from the majority of venues in Tel Aviv, so in 2006 they set out on a massive world tour, transfixing and liberating audiences everywhere from Texas to the Netherlands. Lead singer Ami Shaev describes the band’s insane live show as an attempt to create one unit, blurring the lines between performer and audience. Monotonix are sure to get up to trouble when they play Santos this October, and lord knows we're ready for it.
Monotonix homepage

Formed in 2007, Turbo Fruits is led by Jonas Stein, the guitarist from Be Your Own Pet. While Stein hasn’t strayed hard from his former bands lyrical focus, he certainly has started to explore new musical territory. The band’s stoned out blend of garage and surf rock creates a noisy haze that’s the perfect soundtrack for the wasted nights and groggy mornings that define juvenile delinquency. After some time away, Turbo Fruits are back in action and ready to peer pressure you into loving them.
Turbo Fruits on Myspace

Not to be confused with the fictional authors of “Killer Tofu,” The Beets are known for their raw take on classic bar-room punk. Their emphatic harmonized vocals are absolutely perfect for their pummeling strums and schoolboy drums.
The Beets on Myspace

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Tomorrow night: HOCICO and more live

Ritual Filth, Dyztorted Entertainment and Origins Productions present:
Hocico, Life Cried and Panic Lift
with DJ's Dyztort and Wintermute
October 8, 2009 7:30 PM - ALL AGES


We often hear the argument that musicians are conduits, and nowhere is this more apparent than with Hocico, who manage to sonically channel the gritty and tormented landscape of Mexico City. Now one of the leading worldwide names in aggrotech, Hocico began with cousins Eric Garcia and Oscar Mayorga messing around with a Casio and continuing to amass their acclaim as fast as they did their equipment. Their first homemade demo Misuse, Abuse and Accident earned their nationwide buzz despite a first pressing of only 30 copies. Eight albums later they have toured in spots as far and wide as Japan and London.

Garcia and Mayorga at one point tried hiring a guitar player but quickly learned that their music had no need. Though danceable and thoroughly synthesized, the fear and desolation in their work is distilled and unadulterated, with a piercing bilingual vocal to guide the music’s explorations of violence and sexual abuse. Metal Storm wrote of their 2001 album "Signos de Aberracion flows with its nocturnal pulse as one from its very first second until its last consuming your full attention as it drowns you in a world where the weak and the humiliated ones of nowadays' rotten society take control and take back what society has stolen from them, life.” On October 8, this globetrotting duo of darkness will be testing the limits of Santos Party House’s sound and light systems.
Hocico homepage

Merging gothed-out electro foundation with aggrotech and noise rock, Life Cried of New Jersey are have created a seamless and driving that pummels you with disturbing samples and brutal percussion after it lulls you in with seductive melodies and grooves. Their second album Banished Pslams has been well-received; quoth the UK’s Sphere magazine, “It’s an exciting and brutal kind of Industrial that will please fans of dark-electro and black metal alike.”
Life Cried homepage

A demonic take on industrial electornica, Panic Lift use pounding metallic sounds and buzz-saw synthlines to bolster and unrelentingly ferocious, screeching vocal. Only 3 years old, the group is conquering the New York industrial scene one Mohawk at a time. Their melodic sensibilities may lure you into a brief moment of complacency only to immediately dash it with a sonic assault.
Panic Lift on Myspace

with DJ's

VJ Tm5

Friday, October 2, 2009

LADY GAGA at BOOTLEG Saturday night fundraiser for equality

Josh Wood has been one of recent history's most pivotal figures in defining the character of entertainment and nightlife in New York City. Aside from acting as lead producer and promoter for Margaret Cho's "State of The Union," The Black Party and The White Party at The Saint Large, and Ricky Gervais' US debut at Madison Square Garden, he is also the founder of the Highline Festival alongside David Bowie. Not the kind to let his entertainment entrepreneurship get ahead of his activism, Wood also organized the first official LGBT events for Barack Obama's presidential campaign in New York and has sat on the board of The Stonewall Community Foundation.

For this Saturday's installment of his wildly popular BOOTLEG party he will be raising funds for the rally being held October 11th in Washington DC by Equality Across America, an organization dedicated to ensuring human rights and equality to LGBT individuals in all 435 congressional districts. He has enlisted the hosting duties of his pal LADY GAGA, outspoken queer rights ally and young prodigy who recently burst into worldwide stardom after spending much of her youth penning hits for artists including Akon, Britney Spears and Fergie.

On spins for the evening will be Peter Rauhofer, Honey Dijon, Larry Tee and Lina, plus John Alessandro's CRUISING party will be in full swing downstairs with Bill Coleman bringing the sounds.

Advance tickets available at: