Wednesday, September 24, 2008

New York Press Award!

More praise! This time from Best Of Manhattan 2008: ARTS & ENTERTAINMENT

Best New Venue
Santos Party House
100 Lafayette St. (betw. Walker & White Sts.), 212-584-5492

Opened in May by a group of investors including party rocker Andrew WK and downtown impresario Spencer Sweeney, Santos is a dark open space that boasts a million-dollar sound system and a weekly schedule of parties that put it to good use. WK calls the space "a perfect physical representation of freedom," and says the club harkens back to the glory days of such legendary spots as the Cat Club in the 1980s and Life in the '90s. When we were there recently for a late-90s themed bash, skuzzy nu-ravers with dreads and rocker chicks with peeling nail polish danced together to New Order. The projectionist played a continuous loop of PiL-era Johnny Rotten above the stage. If the coolest kids you know opened a club, this would be it-though in this case you have to pay for beer.