Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Cubic Zirconia Tomorrow Night

Cubic Zirconia is throwing down hard tomorrow night at Santos in celebration of the release of their new album "Fuck Work," which dropped on June 23. Led by the ever sexy siren Tiombe, the band melds tropical and futurisitc beats with an acid house vibe to make a sound all their own. The New York based band describes their creative process as an "egoless communal approach" and it shows, as their music is all about fun- something that Santa sure knows a shit load about. In addition to Cubic Zirconia, there will be DJ Sets by Dam Funk, DJ Assault, Kool Hersh, Mike 2600 & live sets by Head Automatica, Chico Mann. Oh and did we mention that there is a gonna be a 3 am open bar? Shit is gonna be bezerk! Yes thats right, the word bezerk was just used. So get here at 10 and stay for forever, because lord knows the party never dies here at Santos!

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