Monday, August 17, 2009

Well drinks for concerts now $8

Music has done so much for us, and now it's time to give a little back. Santos Party House is dropping the early live concert (meaning doors open before 9pm) price of well drinks to $8 in order to facilitate the distribution of party fuel to the masses. And if you want to do your part, buy one of these more affordable cocktails for an SPH blogger!

This is what it will look like! (photo c/o Showtrotta)

Why not give it a whirl at these shows:
TONIGHT (8/17) - The Virgins, The Beets, Animal Collective DJ Set 8PM
8/18 - Lemonade, Cale Parks, Dinowalrus, Teengirl Fantasy, JDH and Dave P
8/20 - Adult Swim presents: Black Dice, Chinese Stars, Landed, hosted by Cindy Karacas (Superjail) and Tim Harrington (Les Savvy Fav) - FREEEEEE 8PM
8/21 - FRESH: Christian Rich , Soundwavve , Tenna Torres , Curtis Santiago , Lajune Grant and music by Bonnie Danger
8/22 - Nebula, The Entrance Band, Naam and Chronic Youth DJ's
8/27 - Die Pretty, Northern Public, Midnight Spin and The Sweet Sacrifice
8/28 - The Cringe and The Orion Experience

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