Thursday, October 8, 2009

MONOTONIX - tomorrow night

October 9, 2009 7:00 PM

"AVC: How did those 10-15 people react when you started going crazy?

AS: Before they know us and before they know what to expect, there was a feeling that people was a little bit scared from us. For me, I judge a good show if in the beginning people afraid and then the end of the show people enjoy and open their heart and smile. If you can get into people hearts and minds, it is a good show for me. " - THE DECIDER interview, discussing Monotonix' first U.S. shows

Although they hail all the way from Tel Aviv, Monotonix make dirty garage rock that sounds like it came straight from the Motor City. The trio’s 2008 EP, Body Language, highlights their love for all things raucous and messy. The band’s delirously energetic live shows ended up getting them banned from the majority of venues in Tel Aviv, so in 2006 they set out on a massive world tour, transfixing and liberating audiences everywhere from Texas to the Netherlands. Lead singer Ami Shaev describes the band’s insane live show as an attempt to create one unit, blurring the lines between performer and audience. Monotonix are sure to get up to trouble when they play Santos this October, and lord knows we're ready for it.
Monotonix homepage

Formed in 2007, Turbo Fruits is led by Jonas Stein, the guitarist from Be Your Own Pet. While Stein hasn’t strayed hard from his former bands lyrical focus, he certainly has started to explore new musical territory. The band’s stoned out blend of garage and surf rock creates a noisy haze that’s the perfect soundtrack for the wasted nights and groggy mornings that define juvenile delinquency. After some time away, Turbo Fruits are back in action and ready to peer pressure you into loving them.
Turbo Fruits on Myspace

Not to be confused with the fictional authors of “Killer Tofu,” The Beets are known for their raw take on classic bar-room punk. Their emphatic harmonized vocals are absolutely perfect for their pummeling strums and schoolboy drums.
The Beets on Myspace

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