Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Tomorrow night: HOCICO and more live

Ritual Filth, Dyztorted Entertainment and Origins Productions present:
Hocico, Life Cried and Panic Lift
with DJ's Dyztort and Wintermute
October 8, 2009 7:30 PM - ALL AGES


We often hear the argument that musicians are conduits, and nowhere is this more apparent than with Hocico, who manage to sonically channel the gritty and tormented landscape of Mexico City. Now one of the leading worldwide names in aggrotech, Hocico began with cousins Eric Garcia and Oscar Mayorga messing around with a Casio and continuing to amass their acclaim as fast as they did their equipment. Their first homemade demo Misuse, Abuse and Accident earned their nationwide buzz despite a first pressing of only 30 copies. Eight albums later they have toured in spots as far and wide as Japan and London.

Garcia and Mayorga at one point tried hiring a guitar player but quickly learned that their music had no need. Though danceable and thoroughly synthesized, the fear and desolation in their work is distilled and unadulterated, with a piercing bilingual vocal to guide the music’s explorations of violence and sexual abuse. Metal Storm wrote of their 2001 album "Signos de Aberracion flows with its nocturnal pulse as one from its very first second until its last consuming your full attention as it drowns you in a world where the weak and the humiliated ones of nowadays' rotten society take control and take back what society has stolen from them, life.” On October 8, this globetrotting duo of darkness will be testing the limits of Santos Party House’s sound and light systems.
Hocico homepage

Merging gothed-out electro foundation with aggrotech and noise rock, Life Cried of New Jersey are have created a seamless and driving that pummels you with disturbing samples and brutal percussion after it lulls you in with seductive melodies and grooves. Their second album Banished Pslams has been well-received; quoth the UK’s Sphere magazine, “It’s an exciting and brutal kind of Industrial that will please fans of dark-electro and black metal alike.”
Life Cried homepage

A demonic take on industrial electornica, Panic Lift use pounding metallic sounds and buzz-saw synthlines to bolster and unrelentingly ferocious, screeching vocal. Only 3 years old, the group is conquering the New York industrial scene one Mohawk at a time. Their melodic sensibilities may lure you into a brief moment of complacency only to immediately dash it with a sonic assault.
Panic Lift on Myspace

with DJ's

VJ Tm5

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