Wednesday, March 30, 2011


Everyone employed at Santos gets pumped on different shows or parties every day. This asshole Marketing Director tends to stoke out on hardcore and metal shows. Naturally, I've been excited to see Trash Talk and Off! for months. Even with a bum leg last time Trash Talk was here, singer Lee Spielman still ended up standing on our north bar setting it off.

And as seen on the video below, dudes didn't exactly hold back this time around. Spielman sung and ignited pits in pretty much every corner of our beloved North Pole. And it ruled. While I got a little too twisted to stick around for Off! (I saw them 86 times at SXSW anyway), Trash Talk still blew my mind. Highlights included watching RCRDLBL head-honco and Santos' bro Elliot Aronow circle pit and fuck up his arm (prior to saying the phrase 'hardcore rules'), watching Nick Zinner get into Cerebral Ballzy, and feeling the effects of my bro Nick from Alpha & Omega stage dive on top of me at least 10 times. Oh, and of course me stage diving directly onto the floor at about the 3:10 mark. All in all, a solid night.

For all the dudes in the world is freaking out because Odd Future stage dives a bunch during their shows, they should probably go to a Trash Talk show to see the real deal (not hating, just saying). Big shouts to our light wizard Jeff Burton for catching this shitty-to-crappy footage on his Flip Cam.

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