Tuesday, April 14, 2009


The New York Post has taken a peak at SESSIONS AT SANTA'S, our experimental dance party every Tuesday night, and decided that we were one of "New York City's Hottest Parties." This week will be hosted by Hisham Bharooca and will featuring sets by The Present, Hex Message, Brian Degraw.

"...rock-meets-rave Sessions party at Santos Party House has seen performances from Sonic Youth's Thurston Moore, among others, and the cover is only $10. It's the kind of party where making out with sweaty strangers isn't uncommon, though it's always best to ask first." (BRIAN NIEMIETS, NEW YORK POST)

RSVP to sessions@santospartyhouse.com and the cover price is a measley $5. Measly as in we can't even afford to buy measles medication with this cover.

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