Wednesday, November 11, 2009


The readers of The L Magazine have dubbed Santos Party House "Best All-Around Everything Spot." We are absolutely thrilled and would like to the those that voted, The L Magazine and their dope editors, the Santos staff, all DJ's and artists, and customers who have made Santos Party House the ultimate night out.

"The staying power to be voted best venue two years running, in a scene that turns over an address like 246 W. 14th St. so often, is to be praised. Everything about this place is staggering: from its proximity to many (underground) trains to its (underground) dance floor and in-club food to its creatively shaped and astoundingly designed (both light and sound) main floor that reminds us of the inside of an LL Cool J-style boom box—even the aesthetic of the Santos Party House bartenders is great. On a single night you can dance to a live set from Moby and see Chin Chin, Alicia Hall Moran, Clarissa Sinceno, Wynne Bennett and George Lewis Jr perform; all while Bill T Jones dances/moves through the crowd."

Also take a look at Discovery taking "Best New Party" with runner-up Tonight... We Ride!

"This free-with-RSVP, very-disco monthly party in the basement of Santos Party House with DJs VDRK and Free Magic is hosted by Famous Friends and run by Damon Jablons, Ruth Heronemus and other good friends. Discovery makes its disco-loving clientele feel like space travelers shaking their astronauts back in time: It's the party version of a present-day version of 2001: A Space Odyssey, with a throwback style and forward-looking thrust."

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