Thursday, July 15, 2010

Daedelus LIVE with Mux Mool and more

Sunday, August 15, 2010
8:00 PM 18+


LA's godfather of emotionally jarring and intellectually stimulating pan-electronica is bringing his famous Monome to Santos. Having built his reputation via collaborations with MF DOOM, Prefuse73 and Busdriver, Alfred Darlington aka Daedelus is the industry standard for sample-centric instrumental music, whose style encompasses hip-hop, downtempo, trance and glitch. His most recent album Rightous Fists of Harmony (Ninja Tune) has a decidedly Brazillian tinge.

Darlington took the name Daedelus from James Joyce, evidence of his clever use of found material. His resonant style has no peer in hip-hop or electronica, but he holds sway in both circles. Madvillain sampled one of his tracks for an instrumental. His talent has been proliferated by a host of labels including Temporary Whatever, Mush, Eastern Developments and Warp.

From Brooklyn by way of Minnesota, Brian Lindgren produces some of the most acrobatic electro-hip-hop and uses sampling in very unique ways. Informed by classic breakbeats and 8 bit nostalgia, his diversity within the genre is unparalleled. Mishka claimed that his 2010 LP Skulltaste "heightens the face of bedroom production."

Because the press is easily perplexed by the tendencies of highly creative individuals, the collaboration between Travis "Machinedrum" Stewart and Praveen Sharma (Praveen & Benoit) has at times been called a "side project." However, as the newly released Love Pressure EP points, Sepalcure is its own distinct entity, fusing Stewart's beat-oriented sampler work and Sharma's dark and pastoral harmonicism. Each member has made a name for themselves in electronica. Machinedrum (aka Syndrone) has hit the stage with Blockhead, Jesse Boykins III, and Theophilus London, with several tracks licensed to Adult Swim bumps. Praveen runs and hosts the Percussion Lab radio show on WVKR which has featured the likes of Flying Lotus and Khonnor. Sepalcure recently participated in Joey Roth's Sounds Like exhibit.

Tickets available at:
15 East 4th St
New York, NY 10003

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Daedelus said...

Best thing is this was posted by Zangief! I always preferred Dhalsim or Blanka, but I respect the player who chooses such an unweildy madman, much like the musicians playing, the beats will be not unlike Screw Piledrivers.