Friday, July 30, 2010

Recaps: Lil B rips (videos), Midnight Marauders & Health pics, Aku has a video

The best moments at Santos are the cultural milestones that occur naturally in concert and party settings. It enriches the existence of the club and its patrons to have so much incredible talent through our doors. Here's a look at some of the crazy shit that's gone on here in the past few days.

Lil B came through to perform his debut NYC performance alongside the mighty Das Racist. We had a feeling about this one, and the press were picking up what we put down. TimeOut New York had a little piece, and the New York Times came in to cover the show, not too mention RealTalkNY and a lot of indie hip-hop press. The Based God in action below:

"Rap's Pied Piper, Followed On Twitter"

Them Fixed boys done it again. As JDH & Dave P spun the night into a frenzy, the audience was blessed by two full sets by the geniuses in Health and the Midnight Juggernauts. Photos by Andrew St. Clair of BrooklynVegan:


David Andrew Sitek of TV On The Radio is poised to release his solo project Maximum Balloon. The lead-off single features Dragons of Zynth vocalist Aku Orraca-Tetteh.

The other streaming track on the homepage, "Groove Me," features Theophilus London, another Santos regular.


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