Tuesday, August 3, 2010

ChronicYouth.com 1 Year Anniversary! Saviours, Antidote (1983), CHUG CHAMPIONSHIP and more!

CHRONICYOUTH.COM One Year Anniversary
Sunday, August 22, 2010

Ramming Speed
Antidote (1983 NYHC)
Rorschach (DJ Set)
Cult Of Youth
Snake Sustaine
Primitive Weapons
Clean Teeth
CY’s 2nd Annual Chug Championship

For the past two years, the world of heavy New York City music has experienced somewhat of a revival thanks to a group of hungry upstarts known as Chronic Youth. The collective’s members Fred Miketa, David Castillo, Brian Ponto, Gavin O’Connor and Cameron Octigan, shared a love for all things brutal, and went to work creating an events production company that proliferated the best in abrasive underground music. In 2009 they were responsible for booking and DJ’ing some of New York’s most memorable moments in live music, presenting groups like Rorschach and 108 at Santos Party House, Cannabis Corpse and Black Cobra at the Charleston, all the while forming partnerships with Converse and Mishka. They orchestrated events for South by Southwest, Northside, and CMJ festivals.

In 2009, the boys launched ChronicYouth.com, their publication arm and a “celebration of brutal culture,” which instantly became a cult favorite for lovers of sub-terranean sounds. To herald the new site, they teamed up with Heatworm Press and put together a show with experimental noise idols NON (Boyd Rice), Prurient, gothic new wave outfit Cold Cave with spoken word performances by Genesis P-Orridge (Throbbing Gristle) and other geniuses of dark literature. Thus, Chronic Youth is defined not just by their teeming roster of metal and hardcore bands, but by a general affinity for the heaviest in music of all genres, be it psychedelic, industrial, punk or crossover thrash. Diverse? Sure. Commercial? Anything but.

Chronicyouth.com has been a dominant cultural hub for a year now, supplying their loyal followers with music, mixtapes, news, features, photos, merch, giveaways and interviews. Perhaps some of this success can be attributed to their frank writing style (“On the plus side, the vocalist yells ‘bitch.’ On the negative side, it might be about losing a girlfriend or some shit. Which is lame.”), but for those in the know, what separates ChronicYouth from all the other cats putting on shows and writing is one thing: taste. In separating the wheat from the chaff, no one is more brutal. On August 22nd 2010, they’re putting their taste-making chops on the line with an all-out massacre, 13 bands, with Rorschach and the CY boys themselves on the decks, not to mention the 2nd annual chug contest to knock out those left standing from the pit. Anyone with even a moderate interest in the future of heavy music should not miss this opportunity to support a revolution in progress.

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