Tuesday, August 10, 2010

DD172 presents: BRIDGING THE GAP debuts with Camp Lo, Stalley and SKIBEATZ' FULL BAND

presented by DD172
Every Monday, starting 8/16 with CAMP LO and STALLEY
10:00PM 21+


When Damon Dash opened his fine art gallery at 172 Duane St. on February 19 2010, he unleashed an immediately consequential force onto the New York scene. The date marked not only the opening of the space but the birth of DD172, an integrated collective of the leading independent media companies in the city. The group’s rise to prominence has been meteoric, with branches dedicated to meet every need of today’s artists and consumers. There’s the digital broadcasting wing Creative Control, print shop and graphic design center the Color Bar, the BluRoc and BlakRoc record labels, the American Nu zine and the Karin & Raoul publication dedicated to fashion and the arts. Their roster of clients and collaborators includes Curren$y, SkiBeatz, Peter Hadar, Rachel Roy, KRSP, Cool Kids, Trademark, Smoke DZA, Big Chop, and more. Their diversity is underscored by a uniform level of quality and creativity in accordance to DD172’s mission, which “sets out to prove that combining the talents of a creative collective and an independent DIY [do-it-yourself] environment can break conformity and bring about a new enlightenment to the world of media.”

While events in the fine arts atmosphere of the Dash Gallery are high-profile and high-brow, there comes a time for an all-out celebration where big name talent graces the stage and spilling beer on a revolutionary work of art is not a concern. Enter BRIDGING THE GAP, DD172’s weekly party at a durable venue with an emphasis on production values, the nearby Santos Party House. The party will reach deep into the city’s pool of talent, featuring top notch guest headliners every time, starting with CAMP LO and STALLEY on August 16, 2010. The resident band is SKIBEATZ & THE SENSEIS, a full live ensemble built around the MPC skills of Ski, the legendary producer of Jay-Z’s “Dead Presidents II” and numerous golden age gems.

BRIDGING THE GAP is a multi-entendre title, referring to the unification of multiple eras, genres, styles, demographics and mediums. It will be a platform for the best the city has to offer as well as a venue for talent that is a step ahead of trends. Santos and DD172 are proud to answer the prayers of anyone looking for something truly interesting and incredibly fun on a Monday night.

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