Wednesday, December 1, 2010

reOPENed returns featuring special guest MANNIE FRESH!

reOPENed: Just Blaze, DJ Soul, DJ Gravy, Max Glazer, Micro Don
10:00 PM 21+
$10 before 11pm, $20 after


You can't hold a good party down. When your headlining DJ is such a demanded producer that even his friends try to snatch up his beats, you know you have a movement on your hands. After a months hiatus, reOPENed returns with a vengeance on December 3rd, this time featuring yet another titan of beatmaking.


Mannie Fresh’s beats were perhaps the most important factor in setting off the Cash Money revolution that began in the late 90’s and is still being felt today. His signature style, utilizing analog sounds and booty popping percussion to create dense, layered habitats for drawling rappers, has become synonymous with New Orleans and is echoed in the work of nearly every active producer. Fresh began his career in the group New York Incorporated and followed up with a cult favorite duet project with MC Gregory D. His mainstream success resulted from becoming the in-house producer for Cash Money, crafting classics like “Ha,” “Bling Bling,” “Back That Azz Up,” “Get Ya Roll On” and “Real Big” which are now part of hip-hop canon. His newer sound, as featured on the Imma Get Mine LP incorporates jazz, bounce, dancehall and soul. Behind the wheels at Santos Party House, he will bring a New Orleans twist to New York’s best party.

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