Saturday, December 26, 2009


December 26, 2009 (that's tonight, y'all!!)
11:00 PM 21+

A true innovator never stops inventing. The hallmark of a creative spirit is that it continues to buck the status quo long after a name is made. Derrick May and François Kevorkian, together the COSMIC TWINS, establish monikers almost as quickly as they do musical tropes.

May (aka Mayday and Rhythim is Rythim) began his mythical career in Detroit during the late 80's alongside his high school friends, house/deep disco pioneers Juan Atkins and Kevin Saunderson. They called their brand of heavily synthesized, dancefloor-ready jams "techno" perhaps the only name that has truly stuck. His signature sub-genre is Hi-Tek Soul, the blending of modern American soul, blues and funk with the tambours of classic European electronica.

While May was transforming the the world of house, French ex-pat Francois K had already built up a rep for his home spun tape edits and high profile remixes. His take on Kraftwerk's "Tour De France" led to his official status as mixer on the group's 1986 album Electric Café, a role he would reprise for the likes of Depeche Mode and Erasure. His production and official remix credits include artists like Musique, U2, Goldfrappe, King Crimson, The Cure, Diana Ross, The Smiths and The Eurythmics. His incorporation of dub atmospherics into deep electronic disco is heard in the sets of DJ's the world over.

The Cosmic Twins recount their reunification (separated at astral birth) to TimeOut Magazine thus:
“When I first met François—I forget when it was, but it was a while back—it was at some little bar in London where he was deejaying just for fun,” May recalls. “But he was still really doing it, like François always does, experimenting and really getting into it. Of course, I knew about his history with Kraftwerk and everything else he’s done, and I went to him to introduce myself. I said, ‘François Kevorkian?’ And he said, [In a gruff voice] ‘Derrick May.…’ I was like, Wow, it’s so cool he knows who I am!” (When told this story, François simply says “Oh, c’mon—how would I not know who he was?”) It’s evident that the two make up a mutual-admiration society. “I’ve always been in awe of Derrick’s overall skills,” François says, “not just deejaying, but music making as well. He’s a very forward-thinking individual, and that shows in everything he does.”

We're totally pumped that Benny Soto & Robpromotions brought us this rare and incredible opportunity. Santos Party House believes wholeheartedly that this is exactly how you bring back Saturday night. Original house heads will be turning out the stunts while intrepid young electro pilgrims find true love. This is why you build a club.

And if doesn't have you drooling uncontrollably yet, Dance.Here.Too is back next week (January 2) with special guest STEVE LAWLER! Get your tickets here ($10 early birds - limited supply!!!).

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