Wednesday, December 30, 2009

The CRO-MAGS played last night. Everything went fine and no one was hurt.

BrooklynVegan took some pretty riveting flicks of our show last night with H8 Inc, Razorblade Handgrenade, Last Call Brawl and the immortal Cro-mags, brought to us by N.Y. Drew. The concert asserted the health of NYHC, starting with an intense pit that had built to Bermuda Triangle whirlpool proportions once the Cro-Mags hit the stage. A memorable night for all who survived.

Darryl Nau (Not Andrew W.K.... or is he?) shows us a perfect 45 degree angle.

Vegans Saving Dolphin.

The set featured covers of Bad Brains' "Attitude" and "Banned In DC," as well as Cro-Mags classics like "Street Justice" and "Malfunction." Ensemble for the night featured original Mags John Joseph and Mackie Jayson, as well as bassist Craig Setari from Sick Of It All and lightning fast A.J. Novello from Leeway. The band was especially tight considering the rare appearance.

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