Friday, December 4, 2009

BLACK SHEEP, SHINOBI NINJA (new video) and more tomorrow night!

Black Sheep, Shinobi Ninja, Rad Out Crew, Nacirema
7:00 PM 18+
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This Classic Alternative Hip Hop group best known for 1991's "The Choice Is Yours" is bursting at the seams with new music. Fresh off tour in Europe and the West Coast, Dres will be performing songs from his new EP "From The Black Pool of Genius: The Prelude" dropping Dec 1st. Party rocking brilliance live and in person.....TAKE NOTES and check the new music:

Party Rocking Beasts from Brooklyn NY....if you're not a sweaty mess after dancing and moshing at one of their sets, you probably weren't at the show! Shinobi will Officially release of their new music video BROOKLYN TO BABYLON with a screening before their set.

Underground party rockers Anton Glamb + Fam are no strangers to packed secret parties in warehouses in BK and exclusive joints in manhattan. He and the Lurkers will be in the house for your audible enjoyment and your custom "Real Life" experience. LURKERS STAND UP!!!!!

Nacirema is an alchemy of played parts and found elements, combined old and new sounds in rhythm instruments, synths and samples; a mixture of hip hop, rock and old school R&B. Combining skate/snowboard culture and hip hop, their live show is full of energy and party rocking tendencies. CHECK IT!

--Anton Glamb

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