Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Freedom Guaranteed: Valentine's Day with 718 Sessions

Benny Soto presents Danny Krivit's 718 Sessions: Extended Valentine's Day Edition
Sunday, February 14 6:00PM 21+
$5 to the first 100 people before 7pm, afterwards $12 with membership or flyer

Now that posturing for Facebook pictures is the new two-step, the gossip industry has exploded and the notion of disco has been colonized by wedding DJ’s, many have grown disenchanted with the urban club scene, craving the atmosphere of genuine liberation that seems to exist mainly in nightlife folklore. But those fortunate enough to experience 718 Sessions know what it is to break from trendy superficiality in favor of the authentic underground dance culture. Resident DJ Danny Krivit is one of the engineers of disco, heavily involved in the dissemination of its music and attitude, which in turn paved the way for today’s numerous iterations of dance music. To this day, he presides over the residency wherein freedom and the universal acrobatic impulse eclipse trolling or flexing, and the real club culture is imparted to those wishing to break out of their homogenized scenester hang-outs.

Danny Krivit started out spinning as a teenager at his father’s well-loved spot in Greenwich Village, a hotbed for jazz, funk and soul. As a tastemaker known for breaking new tracks to passionate audiences, he was instrumental in preserving a “soulful” vibe as dance music evolved. His popularity earned him access to tape reels, which he used to create “disco edits,” tailoring tracks to dancefloor usage, a technique that has since become commonplace. With the advent of electronica and techno, Danny evolved his repertoire, but adhered to his underlying soulful aesthetic, in effect making him a living apex of deep disco and house, sharing nights with DJ’s like Francois K, Nicky Siano, Larry Levin, Grandmaster Flash, Dimitri From Paris and Osunlade. His copious volumes of independently released compilations and mix records have made him your favorite DJ’s favorite DJ. To this day he holds down the Body & Soul and 718 Sessions residencies, for which many have traveled across oceans to take in the vibe and participate in the tradition of radically eclectic nightlife.

No one wants to be alone on Valentine’s Day, nor do they want to be judged. That’s why 718 Sessions exists, the communal urge to dance is everything, self-consciousness is nothing. On this particular Hallmark holiday, Danny Krivit will put down an extended set, a testament to the endurance of true passion.

Come by yourself (718 Sessions is a perfect scene for the adventurous lone clubber) or with your Valentine. We can be romantic like that.

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