Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Tomorrow night (Wednesday): SoldOutMusic launch with The Bloodsugars and more!

SoldOutMusic Launch Party: The Bloodsugars, BM Linx, Ludlow Lions and The Ropes
Wednesday, February 10 7pm 18+

SoldOutMusic.com is a music blog that delivers the goods in many flavors. They're breaking new talent like a bull in a china shop, and they report on industry trends through an experienced critical standpoint. Tomorrow they'll be consumating (yum) their launch and showcasing a line-up of hand-picked dopeness.

The Bloodsugars' unique brand of exhilarating, polished synth-pop is a thoughtful combination of lyricism and kinetic beats that reflect the group's charming optimism in the face of adversity. Imagine a house designed by Paul Simon, built by Prince, decorated by The Flaming Lips and you’ll have some idea of where The Bloodsugars live.
The Bloodsugars homepage

An answer for those who need a little more testosterone in their electro comes in the form of BM Linx, who have taken elements from disco and trance and fused them with the dirtiest elements of shoegaze, southern rock and blues. Grooves and riffs provide the catchy backdrop for confrontational lyrics, and somehow, between the twang of guitar solos and eerie synth padding, it all makes sense.
BM Linx on Myspace

It’s difficult to get a retro, “classic” rock sound if the band doesn't identify with any specific era, yet somehow Ludlow Lions accomplish this with flying colors. Melding the psychedelia of the early 70’s, the off-kilter harmonies of 90’s alternative and the recent explosion of garage punk, Ludlow Lions depict the atmospheric topography of the Lower East Side with incredible vividness.
Ludlow Lions on Myspace

Picking up where The Smiths left off is a duo making a orchestra’s worth of sound. The Ropes are new wave punk with a perverted interest in off-kilter samples and lo-fi aesthetics.
The Ropes on Myspace

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