Tuesday, February 23, 2010

The Popoff: Block party style with Das Racist, Bad Rabbits and more!

THE POPOFF: Bad Rabbits, Shinobi Ninja, Das Racist, Boy Crisis
Thursday, February 25, 7:00 PM 21+

The revolution never sounded so sexy. With R&B vocals and harmonies delivered via intelligent and witty lyrics over some 80's style pop production, their sound recalls frantic nights of revelry despite the man's greatest efforts.
Bad Rabbit on Myspace

Party Rocking Beasts from Brooklyn NY....if weren't a sweaty mess after dancing and moshing at one of their sets, may your carbonite slumber end before this one. With modern-day Beastie rhymes battling gut-punching riffs and sensuous vocals, Shinobi has something for the whole dysfunctional b-boy family.
Shinobi Ninja homepage

Since emerging out of the ether not more than two years ago, Das Racist have become the most sought-after force in experimental hip-hop. The trio eschews any posturing whatsoever in lieu of confronting the truth, however brutal or bizarre it may be, on top of off-kilter electro production. Their breakout single "Combination Pizza Hut and Taco Bell" has become rap music's most successful foray into absurdism, but the real meat of their lyrical repertoire are the densely constructed prophetic commentaries on globalization-era oppression, as well as hilarious multi-syllabic throught trains as unpredictable as the subways on which they were written.
Das Racist on Myspace

Recommended by the New York Times this week. Read their exchange with Sasha Frere-Jones.

The buttery sound of immaculately rendered pop music are what Boy Crisis always brings to the Santos sound system, and to the crowd they deliver a whirlwind of movement that blurs the line between audience and performer. Sexy disco guitars pair up with space-age keys and electro beats to provide the canvas for Victor Vazquez to strut his Das Racist-honed wit in a vocalese that would make Sisqo salivate.
Boy Crisis homepage

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