Thursday, February 18, 2010


Dance.Here.Too with DJ Andy Moor
Saturday, February 20 10:00PM 21+

What is it with Benny Soto and Rob Fernandez? They way they are constantly booking fire you'd it was Farenheit 451. Too far I know, but that's how we roll here at Santos. This week they're brining us a trance wizard listed ranked by DJ Mag ahead of John Digweed and Daft Punk to name a few.

Anyone who think that trance is an insular, joyless sect of house would have trouble explaining the phenomenon of Andy Moor. Not only have his remix capabilities been sought out by everyone from Paul Oakenfoald to Britney Spears, but his solo efforts have become a sonic beacon for a loyal dance afficionadoes from all continents. Having stepped into the game as a wonderkind in his late teens, he has since racked up a number of accolades including a Grammy nomination, "Best Track" and "Best Producer" trophies from the Trance Awards, "Best Dance Record" from the Dance Music Awards as well as a regular placement on best of lists in MixMag and DJ Magazine. While he has clearly perfected the psychedelic, mind-expanding art of trance, the beats have never taken a backseat and his music is intensely kinetic and dancefloor-ready. As the headliner of Dance.Here.Too (his first time back in the Big Apple for quite some time), he will be hitting off the crowd of house music lifers with a window into the mind of a musical genius.

Rob Fernandez & Benny Soto, the promoters behind award-winning shindig Dance.Here.Now., are proud to present Dance.Here.Too. A new concept in weekend fun that adapts the music-first DHN vibe to a party after which you don’t have to wake up for work.
Set at Santos Party House – one of the city’s best dance-friendly venues with a custom sound system that defies ear fatigue – DHT will bring the focus back to you, your friends and the music. No nonsense, no door drama, no fuss.
Troule & Bass featuring DZ and Kanji Kinetic
Saturday, February 20 10:00PM 21+

The DJ team/production mob/record label known as Trouble & Bass are earning worldwide recognition for their diverse yet cohesive coalition of low-end professionals. They have a high-BPM, movement centric approach to the heavy and grimey spectra of dubstep and drum n' bass that fills rooms with people who battle the thick sounds with wild movement. Their membership spans the globe and includes AC Slater, Mikix The Cat, Star Eyes, Drop The Lime and Supra 1.

Headlining the bill is DZ, whose foundation in hip-hop and trip-hop took on a sound of its own once dubstep became the prominent element of his sound. He remains a devious remixer of an unpredictable repertoire of artists including the Wu-Tang Clan, Major Lazor and Bobby Caldwell.

Kanji Kinetic, who normally reps the Trouble & Bass banner in the UK, will get trans-Atlantic with his bizarre, wobbly, and glitchy tambours. His dense arrangements feature the temporal manipulation of bass into a bizarre yet oddly catchy and physical melody.

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