Tuesday, January 12, 2010

SANTOS - your spot for "the third date."

Anoush runs what is perhaps the most notorious conglomerate of speed dating services, with branches in the UK, LA and the local SpeedNY. So she nows exactly how to make the most out of even the most brief encounters. For the third date, she recommends the following strategem: "You’ve conversed yourselves breathless, so now you want to show your date you are not only the deepest, or most intelligent, or most sensitive person, you are also the most fun." And guess where she recommends carrying out this tomfoolery? Confluent with the titles of this blog and entry, it's Santos Party House! She writes:

So, where to go in a city overrun by “fun?” The capital of it all, Santos Party House, 96 Lafayette Street. Santos Party House is the venture of a few guys including Andrew W.K., the master of partying and good times, ‘nuff said. Santos Party House prides itself on being completely pretension-free, so everyone here is just coming together to have some good old fashioned fun. There is always live music, crazy dancing, and themed party nights. Plan ahead by going to http://www.santospartyhouse.com/, and you can see what’s happening on what nights. That way, you can take your hip hop loving date to a hip hop music night, or your dance crazy date to a techno/house music night.

The best part, and the reason this is a great date spot, is that you can really kick back and not care what you look like dancing or what you’re dressed like or any of that. Be goofy with your date. If you’re the worst dancer in the world, own it. Unlike the clubs in Chelsea and the Meatpacking District, no one is going to judge you here. Do the Funky Chicken, people will think it’s the best thing they’ve ever seen. Santos Party House is a new direction in nightlife. A lot of velvet rope-driven clubs have actually taken the fun out of clubs. But Santos puts it right back in.....

The best part is, this night is going to create memories for you guys, and maybe even some inside jokes. That stuff is key for creating a great relationship. Maybe on your fifth date or so you’ll go out with friends, and you’ll start talking about the guy at Santos Party House with the pink mohawk on rollerblades with his poodle dyed to match, and you two won’t even be able to get through the description without laughing together. Your friends will look at you like you’re crazy, but this is something ridiculous that you and your date are sharing. Yes, you’re having “a moment.” It’s places like Santos Party House that create these awesome dating moments, powerful little New York clips that will always be a little bond for the two of you.

Anoush gets my vote for the 2010 Totally Gets It award. I'd go on a third date with her in a hearbeat! More on awards later...

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