Wednesday, June 16, 2010

COMING ATTRACTIONS: Que Bajo, Choice Cunts, Afrojack footage

Chico Mann is tonight's special guest at Que Bajo! The cumbia and tropical bass weekly goes down every Wednesday at 11pm.

CHICO MANN PLAYS TO WIN aka PACHICO MANN from Geko Jones on Vimeo.

Look out for the Choice Cunts 3rd Annual Pride Party on June 26 at 9pm. Princess Superstar is the special guest. The rare residency for raw queers goes down every last Saturday of the month.

Afrojack took over the Dance.Here.Too residency (every Saturday at 11pm) for techno and house music last week. The Martinez Brothers will be headlining this week (6/19/2010).

Thanks, Shonjonn!

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