Monday, June 7, 2010

Underdog and Hub City Stopmers live. hXc legends in the House again!

Underdog, Hub City Stompers, Inhuman, Billy Club Sandwich, Staring Problem
July 12, 2010 6:00 PM
also - OTHER MUSIC (15 East 4th St, Manhattan) and BROOKLYN MONSTER FACTORY (493 7th Avenue, Brooklyn)


Formed in the mid-80’s when being hardcore was synonymous with squats and bruises, Underdog have long been a universal favorite of the scene, representing a holistic sound that incorporated classic rock influences into an aggressive foundation. The songwriting duo that propels them is Richie Brikenhead and Russ “Wheeler” Iglay, on vocal and bass guitar duties respectively, who have employed a rotating cast of guitarists and drummers in proprietary punk rock fashion. Their 1989 record The Vanishing Pointremains a golden moment in Hardcore history, fusing New York street smarts, blistering hardcore as well as the reggae influences explored by their contemporaries (Bad Brains et al). Underdog will be making history once again at Santos Party House, celebrating the release of their newest album Matchless on June 12.

There is no force of nature that could compare to the Hub City Stompers’ army of instruments, the ripping guitars, machinegun drums and booming horns. Formed in the earlier part of the oughts, HCS fancy themselves as having “romanced ska’s rotted corpse, playing for the love of the music rather than the popularity of it….” Snide, cheeky lyrics and reggae rhythms lend a conscious vibe, allowing them to address the modern realities that surround them with a brutally honest attitude.

Fast, dark and hard as hell, Inhuman has been providing unadulterated hardcore to Brooklyn for fifteen years. With releases on I Scream and A-F Records, and a roster that includes former members of Agnostic Front, these guys maintain loyalty and credibility in numerous underground circles. They are distinguished for their varied sense of melody and their conscious lyrics, all punk rock calls to arms.

Billy Club Sandwich is all about the great taste of relentless brutality. Their sound, simply put, is pile-drivingly fast riffage with no frills. They represent Westchester and the Bronx, where their juggernaut style saturates the fledgling scenes, and their unforgettable stage presence has made them legend. They have shared the stage with the likes of Harley’s War, Killing Time, and Sworn Enemy, twice gracing the stage at the Super Bowl of Hardcore.

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