Thursday, September 9, 2010

New Thursday Weekly! Nita Aviance and special guests each week!

DJ Nita Aviance and special guest each week
Every Thursday
11:00 PM 21+


Growing up a trained percussionist, vocalist and dancer, DJ Nita’s education as a remixer/producer was concurrent with his rise as a DJ. An official member of the House of Aviance, he is a core component to the underground gay party scene, his loyalty first belongs to all lovers of music. He has been profiled by the New York Press and Paper Magazine, the former postulating that he may be “the best DJ in New York.” As one half of the Bookwrmz DJ team (alongside Magnan) and jockey for the legendary Tubway residency, he is well connected to his fellow DJ’s, and he has worked with Adam Goldberg, The Kiki Twins, DJ Telfar and many more in the fierce electro-house lane. To Santos Party House he has brought Spank, Ghe20 Gothik, Palms Out Sounds, Brenmar and more. Now he installed himself in the club’s downstairs level to bring weekly ferocity featuring special guests each time, free of cover charge. Expect electro, disco, bass music, house, hip-hop , hot crowds, good times and champagne specials.

9/9/10 - PAINT Colby B (Comeback, Seatle)Ryan McKnight (The Happening, Happy Valley, NYC)
9/16/10 - GUUURLDenny Le Nihm (Germs, Ruff Club, NYC)Whitney Fierce (NYC)LIVE PA from AB SOTO (LA)
9/23/10 - DOTRon Like Hell & Ryan Smith (Soffita 70, Rocket, NYC)


$25 bottles of champagne!

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