Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Fujiya & Miyagi to kick it with you

PopGun Booking presents:
Fujiya & Miyagi, Project Jenny, Project Jan and more
Wednesday, March 23, 2011
18+ 8:00 PM


Though concise and focused, the Brighton pop quartet Fujiya & Miyagi can be hard to pin down. Constructed of Krautrock riffs arranged into snappy downtempo grooves, their tracks achieve a subtle complexity by weaving together numerous influences, of which the band cites Can, Kraftwerk and Aphex Twin. The band came together in 2000 during a game of soccer football and their most recent upgrade was the addition of a live percussionist. Playful lyrics approaching dark subject matter are uttered by Davie Best, who claims, “I physically am unable to shout. It’s a medical condition.”

Their 2011 album Ventriloquizzing is the bands newest evolutionary step, displaying a level of skill that fully and effectively utilizes the quartet format for deeper personal exploration. Best describes the band’s topical choices on the album, “Themes like control, frustration, disappointment, violence. It doesn’t sound like a barrel of laughs when you say them out loud, but it’s not a depressing record.” Popmatters says the Ventriloquizzing “expands the band’s palette” and “may be Fujiya & Miyagi’s best album to date.”

Jeremy Haines and Sammy Rubin are masters of sonic disguise, using their production prowess to create an extremely diverse repertoire of jams completely disembodied from physicality or genre. Most of their songs are danceable with cheeky lyrics and labyrinth beats but the similarities end there. Gothamist remarked, “This is a band that should be taken seriously, even while singing about homemade sex tapes and the Chinatown bus."

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