Thursday, April 1, 2010

Sander Kleinenberg at Dance.Here.Too


Progressive house heavyweight Sander Kleinenberg cites Jellybean Benitez, who has also headlined at Dance. Here. Too., as one of his influences. He is known for his audio visual mixing which adds to the electric drama of his act. Focused on infectious bass lines and funky vocals, Kleinenberg is a big room favorite around the world. He boasts eight critically acclaimed studio albums as well as remixes for Eurythmics, Vincent de Moor, Röyksopp, Justin Timerlake and Janet Jackson.

Openers Sleepy & Boo are all about stripping the electronica scene of inflated pretention and filling it with a carefree, fun-obsessed attitude, not to mention the best in trance and techno. When not perusing their DJ monikers, aptly lifted from Super Mario, they are Basic NYC, grinding promoters of the city's illest deep house parties.

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